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IKUINEN KAAMOS official release

Hong Kong based label Lona Records have released "Ikuinen Kaamos" 3" CD-R. You can order it for $5 (+p&p) there, or you can ask me for extra copies.
"Set up in 2003, Lona Records is an independent label in Hong Kong preoccupied with producing alternative/experimental music. In December 2005, we launched a series of 3" CDR singles as an attempt to explore the aesthetic boundaries of experimental sound. Each 3" CDR or 3" DVDR features musical/multi-media works by independent artists from across the world, including the U.K., U.S., Italy, Sweden, mainland China, and Hong Kong etc. Each volume is released in a limited numbered edition of 50. From droning to clicks n' cuts, from glitch to avant-garde, from ambient to extreme noise, we venture off the beaten path and bring all sorts of exciting sounds to a worldwide audience. We are thrilled to see that this 3" series has attracted more and more great artists/bands, both new and established, from near and afar, to lay in our hands the products of their sonic experiments. Open-ended and ever-evolving, this series is rolling on and on—breaking new ground, transcending more boundaries. We are still waiting to see how far it can go.
Alongside the 3" series we also release CDs in larger size and quantity, which include the official album Hou Guan Yin of FM3 + Dou Wei from Beijing , the first official album She Traded Her Leg of Jeffrey Bützer from the United States, and the debut EP and album of The Yours from Hong Kong."

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Head over at my other blog for some strange tape compilation.

WAR reviewed again

There is a brand new review of "WAR" right here.

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pause ending soon

Hi everyone. Been quiet lately since I´ve spent some holiday and struggled with some health related issues. As I stated in my previous post I visited Cabo Verde and there´s going to be a surprising post related to Cabo Verdean music in near future until I get my tape player in working condition. Stay tuned.

sunnuntaina, lokakuuta 31, 2010

A slight pause

There´s going to be a slight pause in my activities since I´m spending holiday and traveling to Cape Verde for two weeks. Hopefully I´ll get there some useful sound material for future projects. Talking about sounds, there is a building site for a brand new house right next to my home so I´ve been collecting some nice sounds which will be heard on some later projects.
There will be also some form of collaborative work with Derek Piotr. More about that later.

tiistaina, lokakuuta 26, 2010

New Kaamoshow

New Kaamoshow posted here. Visit if you are a fan of Einstürzende Neubauten.

maanantaina, lokakuuta 04, 2010

WAR reviewed

There is a review of "War" here, and another one here. I wanna stress the fact that "War" is download only release, no physical copies exist (even I don´t have one... yet).

keskiviikkona, syyskuuta 29, 2010


New releases crawling in from doors and windows. This time Salakapakka Sound System is proud to be included in brand new compilation CD "Solidarity" compiled by GX Jupitter-Larsen.

"A comp of different power electronics, noise and experimental renditions of old trade union, communist and anarcho-syndicalist anthems.
Featuring GX Jupitter-Larsen, Screwtape, Rafael Flores, Dave Phillips, Half an Abortion, Origami Southamerika, Ben Presto, amk, Rabbit, Club Moral and Salakapakka Sound System."

Get it for $12 (USA) or $14 (World) at Noisenomics ...and for a starter you gan get this.

tiistaina, syyskuuta 21, 2010

Anniversary celebration part 2 - DISCOGRAPHY

(UPDATED march 2017)

So here is the second part of blog´s 2-year anniversary. No new stuff this time but I decided to collect here Salakapakka Sound System (and side-projects) discography and links all in the same post for easy access.

Marko-V: ”Kahden kulttuurin ääniä”
Salakapakka Sound System: "Buddha machines on fire"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Ikuinen kaamos"
Marko & Myky: "Mekonium baby"
Salakapakka Sound System: "La musique concrète part 1"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Obama´s victory speech"
Salakapakka Sound System: "«Наши»"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Kallokontrolli"
Salakapakka Sound System: "War"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Different faces of Triple-S (collected works 2004-2010)"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Ikuinen kaamos" (official release)
Salakapakka Sound System: "Eyewitness protection program"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Drunk for three weeks" (FMA exclusive mini-album)
Salakapakka Sound System: "Penetrating angel"
Salakapakka Sound System: "iDiot"
Derek Piotr / Salakapakka Sound System: "Behaviour state"
Salakapakka Sound System: "La musique concrète part 2"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Buddha machines on fire vol.2"
Salakapakka Sound System vs. The Day Of The Antler: "s/t"
Salakapakka Sound System Re(dis)covered
Salakapakka Sound System: "Abandoned factories scream at night"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Accident worship" 
Salakapakka Sound System vs. The Day of The Antler: "II" 
Salakapakka Sound System: "60 Minutes"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Barbed wire boogie"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Atonality appreciation society"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Atonality appreciation society - backwards version"
Salakapakka Sound System / 886 VG: "Split"
Salakapakka Sound System / Sodadosa: "Split"
Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo: "Eurovision song contest 2016"
Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo: "Smut Babylon" 
Salakapakka Sound System / Armenia: "Split"
Itsensäsyöjät: "Elektrique"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Unlit corners of the universal emptiness" 

Appearances elsewhere:
VA: Because God told me to do it vol 1: Formulation
VA: That´s romance - A loving tribute to John Zewizs
SSS remix of Anti-Pop Consortium´s "Reflections"
VA: Tribute to Ruth White
VA: Internationale
VA: Solidarity
VA: Spettro rec (2010-2011?) 25 releases anniversary
VA: Soinoise vol.2: SIDS
Derek Piotr: "Agora regathered" (SSS remix of Behaviour state) - also on Spotify
VA: Soinoise vol.3: MEASLES
VA: Tribute To Fm3: Buddha Machine 4 vol.2
VA: Spettro Records volume 3: Dehumanized
Spurious Transients: "Portraits of a landscape" (SSS remix of Baglan bay)
VA: Poison vol.1
VA: Blight of the Beat
VA: Oral Compass 
There are also hidden treasures like extra tracks and rehearsal files scattered all over this blog but you have to try to find them on your own. Period.
Most releases you can find also at Internet archive & Free music archive. Check also my page at Soundcloud.
There is also a mixtape of SSS stuff.

Anniversary celebration part 1 - COMPILATION

Damn! It has been two years since I started my blog. This calls for celebration so here is the first ever Salakapakka Sound System collection called "Different Faces of Triple-S (collected works 2004-2010)". Originally I burned a few copies just for promotional purposes but then I thought why not make it available online because it might be a good starting point for people who are slightly interested in SSS sound but doesn´t know where to start. It is not a best of collection but rather a collection of different styles presented during the first seven years of SSS existence (oldest tracks are from 2004 even though they were available for public access at 2008). The catch for regular followers (are there any?) is that collection includes also never before heard tracks and compilation tracks.
Get it at Rapidshare (zipped mp3 package), Mediafire (zipped mp3 package), Archive (compressed or lossless separate files) or Free music archive (separate mp3´s).

1. Äiti, joku tuijottaa meitä metsästä [from Ikuinen Kaamos 3" CDr]
2. The death of Kelsang Namtso [from Kallokontrolli double-CDr]
3. Emilian päänahka (unreleased)
4. Hanged man (Ruth White cover) [from web compilation A Tribute to Ruth White]
5. Ruttopuiston kävelevä vainaja [from Kallokontrolli double-CDr]
6. One Minute 24 [from upcoming 60 Minutes CDr]
7. Street Buddha [from Buddha Machines On Fire CDr]
8. Tebe poyem [from La Musique Concréte part 1 CDr]
9. Celebration of the moon [from web compilation Because God Told Me To Do It vol 1: Formulation]
10. Music for headaches [home page exclusive download]
11. Hölle [from Ikuinen Kaamos 3" CDr]
12. L´internationale (backing track) (unreleased)
13. Noble art of white slavery 2 (unreleased)

perjantaina, syyskuuta 17, 2010


New full length web-only release out NOW! Five tracks of material which is a bit louder than previous offerings. These tracks were born out of frustration and anger.

1. Class war
2. Race war
3. Information war
4. Gang war
5. World war 3

Elements of destruction were: Doepfer dark energy monophonic synth, micro Korg, kaossilator, WSG, iron junk, databending, melting ice, radio noise and a bunch of other things I just cannot remember anymore.

Get it from:
mediafire (whole album zipped mp3)
free music archive (individual mp3-files) or full set here
wav available at Internet archive
internet archive (wav)

sunnuntaina, syyskuuta 12, 2010


Salakapakka Sound System is proud to be part of compilation tape Internationale compiled by GX Jupitter-Larsen. Here´s the description from noisenomics site:
"A cassette comp of different Power Electronic, Noise, and Experimental renditions of The Internationale.
Comp includes GX Jupitter-Larsen with Christian Von Sponheim, Lob ov Instagon, Matt Richards, Screwtape & Tom Bradley. Also featured are other renditions by Jari Eskelinen, Salakapakka Sound System, and Violent Pink.

The Internationale was written to celebrate the Paris Commune of March-May 1871. It was the first time workers took state power into their own hands. They established in the Commune a form of government more democratic than ever seen before. Representatives were mandated on policy questions by their electors, they were recallable at any time and were paid wages that reflected those of their constituents. The distinction between legislative and executive arms of government was abolished. The Commune was invaded and destroyed by the conservative French National government then based in Versailles. Since then, workers have adopted similar Commune-like organizations whenever they have challenged the state: in the form of the Soviets in Russia in 1917; the collectives in Spain in 1937; the Workers Council of Greater Budapest in Hungary in 1956; the cordones in Chile in 1973; and, in many respects, Solidarity in Poland in 1980. "

You can buy it here for only $5 so go get it.

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maanantaina, elokuuta 16, 2010


Last week I spent few hyperactive days and as a result I have now about 2 albums worth of stuff gathering digital dust in my hard drive. Half of material is good old rhythmic dark ambient and the other half is noisier stuff. Just wait and see.

sunnuntaina, elokuuta 01, 2010

Heatwave bloody heatwave!

Due to exceptionally long and intense heatwave (at least in Finnish standards) I haven´t had any interest, motivation or stamina for music making. Bugger.

perjantaina, kesäkuuta 25, 2010

Hail to the almighty midnight sun, garage junk & stilles volk!

Just recently got back from vacation. This time we traveled and drove to Lapland via eastern Finland. First of all I have to say that midnight sun is a mess. I like it when nights are dark... just like they are supposed to be. The idea of sun shining all the way through the night can really mess your biological rhythm.
While staying with my lady´s relatives´house in a small village in eastern Finland I found that there was a garage loaded with junk metal objects! Luckily I have a recorder with me every time I go on a vacation so I had about 2-3 hours of screeching, banging and clinging metal sounds. God bless people who never dare to throw anything even remotely useful junk away. Expect to hear some scrap metal noise sometime in a future. I actually made few short bursts of cut-up metal noise but I did not upload them since I´m saving them for my future releases.

I also found a strange conceptual work of art (called "quiet people") in the middle of nowhere. A field full of these:

Imagine a dark evening and a bit of rain and thunder... they look a little bit like zombies, don´t they?

Oh, by the way brand new Kaamoshow --->hier<---

perjantaina, toukokuuta 21, 2010

A slight update

Few days ago I posted new Kaamoshow here. Go check it out. New shows are coming sooner than you expect (also few theme shows for bootleg recordings and rockabilly/old school r´n´r/garage stuff).
I also decided to record almost every rehearsal and practise session I do because: A) I am an archive/database freak, B) there might be some small portions worth using later and/or C) I´m a bloody fool.
Few nice Buddha machine related tracks have appeared almost by accident.

torstaina, toukokuuta 20, 2010

Cambodian rock documentary

I rarely comment other peoples work in my blog but this is something worth mentioning. They need your help and this is something I truly want to happen.

The time has come to finish our documentary film: Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock And Roll. Our goal is to finish the film this fall. Because so much visual material was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge we are working extra hard in creating ways to illustrate this incredible music.
The singer Ros Serey Sothea began as a poor farm girl from the countryside. Because of her amazing voice she soon found herself to be the biggest female singing star in the country. Unfortunately she didn’t survive the Khmer Rouge era. No footage of her performing is known to have survived either. We plan to make an animated sequence of Ros Serey Sothea performing. It would help bring her back to life on screen.
We’ve arranged to work with Asterisk Animation. They have done animated sequences for such films as The Chicago Ten and The Buddha. We need your financial support in order to make this happen. We are excited to announce an online fundraiser via
We have some incredible and unique rewards that have been donated to us by some of the individuals involved with the film. This includes music, artwork, and memorabilia you won't be able to find anywhere else.
Here's how the Kickstarter fundraiser works:
1) Go to our Kickstarter page.
2) Take a look at the Rewards and see how much you'd be willing to donate. No matter how small, ALL donations are deeply appreciated.
3) Click on "Back This Project".4) Select a reward
5) You will need to sign up with
6) Enter your credit card info using a secure account
We have 90 days to reach our fundraising goal. But, in the end if we do not meet our goal, YOU WILL NOT GET CHARGED. The idea is to raise the desired amount and hopefully exceed this number.
To make this fundraiser a success we need all the support we can get. Even if you cannot contribute, please help us by spreading the word. Pass this info along to any friend, family member, fan club, user group, mailing list who might be interested in contributing to DON'T THINK I'VE FORGOTTEN
Finally, this is just a part of what we need to finish our film. If you'd like to donate more outside of you can contact us.
Thanks for all your support!
You can visit the film website: our facebook page too:

keskiviikkona, toukokuuta 19, 2010

Gear-a-holic part 7

This time I present You two compact nice little toys (which certainly do not sound like toys): JoMoX T-resonator time woven filtermatrix & Doepfer Dark Energy monophonic synthesizer.
T-resonator is "Jomox T-Resonator – filter box with delay, stereo input, stereo output, envelope follower with LFO, 2x filters, 2x delay lines/chorus/reverb, 8x algorithms, positive feedback loops, cross feedback, FM feedback". In other words you feed in whatever sound you feel like, filter and delay it and add some piercing high pitched feedback and/or low screaming bass feedback. You can create some loud feedbacks even without any input. The user interface is a little tricky (as you can see in the picture) but once you get to used to it you can control it enough so you don´t get stuck in the middle of feedbacking inferno (well you can, if you feel like - well I do). Lovely piece of equipment, especially if you are into noise making and ambient soundscapes. If you looking for normal delay and filter units, there are lot of other choices out there.
The other little lunch box is Dark Energy monophonic synth made by Doepfer. Lot of switches and knobs and oh yes... it is fully analog with USB and MIDI connections so you can use it as a standalone unit or you can add some extra modulation via MIDI controls or soft sequencers. Since I am trying to shift towards 'computer-free' sound creation I have not tried USB connection. Compared to WSG which I introduced here a while ago, Dark Energy makes a little more sense because you know what you are doing if you are familiar with sound synthesis. Well, I am not too familiar with it so it gives me a little sense of control but also a lot of surprises, some of which are pleasant, some are not.
I made a six-pack of test files offered for download. Test files 1+2 are made by using WSG, Dark Energy & T-resonator. Files 3,4 & 6 are made with Dark Energy and Boss ME-50 multieffects pedal (which added some distortion and delay). File 5 is made by feeding a sample of singing birds into T-resonator, results are quite interesting. Sample is courtesy of National Trust. And remember, these are only test files and should be treated as such.

Download six-pack of test files @ Rapidshare or Mediafire

keskiviikkona, huhtikuuta 21, 2010


Hah! New tracks seem to surface out of nowhere. The only problem is that I cannot concentrate on only one project at a time. I´ve done tracks for four different albums + other various artists projects. Lately I finished the first introductionary track for "Buddha Machines On Fire part 2". Oh yes, it is going to happen sooner or later. Track called Buddha metal machine music is on it´s way. You can guess by the name what it sounds like. There is a new track Auta minua kuolemaan arvokkaasti which will be part of upcoming and so far untitled full length album. I think it will sound a little bit louder and harsher than SSS´s material so far. Three tracks done already.

Oh yes, if you didn´t know it already: spring sucks.

keskiviikkona, huhtikuuta 14, 2010

Kaamoshows have moved

As I promised before, I created a new blog for Kaamoshow mixshows. You can find them here. Older ones are not available here at Ikuinen Kaamos anymore. New mix coming soon. Go check it out especially if you are a fan of The Cure´s "Boys don´t cry" and The Ramones´"Blitzkrieg Bop". Some surprising treatments there.

sunnuntaina, huhtikuuta 11, 2010


Even though I have not posted anything lately, I have been active.
First of all, I am (in near future) creating a new blog dedicated solely to Kaamoshows. Ikuinen Kaamos stays as a forum entirely for my musical outputs. Earlier Kaamoshows will probably move to a new blog. Why is that? Because I fu**ing feel like doing it this way!
Secondly, I have been working on a few leftist/socialist/union cover songs (L´internationale and Which side are you on). Now they are finished and more about them later.

maanantaina, maaliskuuta 01, 2010

Gear-a-holic part 6

Hello folks, this time I introduce you Weird Sound Generator. It is self soldered electronic gadget which makes bleeping, droning, buzzing and humming noises which you can control by turning and twisting it´s numerous knobs. "Controlling" is maybe a little too misleading word because as you can see from a picture, there is no indication of what these knobs actually do. They all have something to do with oscillators, wave forms, modulators etc. etc. Since I am not a electronics theory geek I leave explaining to others. But the fun thing is, that I have no idea what am I doing by twisting controls. Pretty much everything happens by accident and I love everything uncontrollable and accidental things when it comes to music making. The downside is that you rarely can remake/reproduce something funny you accidentally made by fiddling with controls without any further focus or plan. This is why you should always record every rehearsal. There may be some unforgettable sounds which you can use later.
I am totally illiterate when it comes to soldering and understanding the basic concepts of putting together electronic components so that is why I ordered WSG from Austrian Sascha Neudeck. He has mde noise makers and sound generators on irregularly basis... I think. According to his website, they are all sold out but if you really want one just ask him, that´s what I did and he kindly offered to make me one. Check out also his electronic/experimental music and the sound files of each gadget he made.

Here are two WSG test files I made. First one is edited from approximately eight minutes to 5½ minutes. Otherwise it is untouched. Second piece is driven through distortion, stereo chorus, delay and compression plus edited from about eleven minutes down to eight. Enjoy!

...did I hear someone shout: "what´s that bloody noise!?!?"...

keskiviikkona, helmikuuta 10, 2010

I´m not dead... yet.

It has been a long time since I´ve posted anything. It is only because I haven´t had anything to offer and I don´t feel like posting pointless comments about anything or showering my blog with endless stream of YouTube links. Few words of information about future plans and other stuff.
I have been receiving invitations to Facebook lately. Just for you to know: I am NOT a member of Facebook and for now I have no intention or interest in being one. I´m not saying that I will never be a member of facial book or other friend gathering social media network. I just feel it is not my thing right now. So do not be disappointed if I do not answer your seducing invitations.
There is going to be a new gear-a-holic post with a sound file in not-so-distant future. More about it later.
Two new tracks are ready. Emilian päänahka is beat oriented indie electro whatever-you-name-it. Unusually clean and catchy example of SSS repertoire. There is also new untitled piece of droning layers, rumbling low frequencies and shrieking synth sounds which is yet unmixed. One of those tracks which I loved immediately. Some time ago I found from my messy archives an old rehearsal track made only by ticking pocket watch and reverb/delay. It sounds like perfect soundtrack for running: clock is ticking, your heart is bumping and you´re slowly getting out of breath. I have to mix and master it, add a few litlle extra tricks and maybe edit it a little. It´s name is Time is running out and it will be included in "La Musique Concrète part 2" in distant future (end of 2010???).
In future, there is a small possibility of pressing few pieces of dubplates including A) couple of old tracks, or B) couple of new tracks, or C) lock grooves. But this is so far just an idea that I am working on. If it happens, there is going to be an edition of max 5 mainly for my own selfish amusement but maybe a few for sale. Be warned, they are not cheap.