torstaina, lokakuuta 30, 2008

Leftover track from IKUINEN KAAMOS

Here is a track that did not fit into "Ikuinen Kaamos" CD-r. It is called Lappu luukulle ja asekaupan kautta kotiin (end of business, home via gunstore).

Download here

keskiviikkona, lokakuuta 29, 2008


Municipal elections in Finland are over. So here is my "tribute" to the big election day. Track is called Vote with a Brick and it is the very first noise track of Salakapakka Sound System. It dates back to 2005 and it is very primitive improvised track. Edited and remixed version will be featured on full noise CD-R "Kallokontrolli" later this year (if I´m lucky).

Download Vote with a Brick here (Rapidshare) or there

tiistaina, lokakuuta 14, 2008


Just bought myself Microkorg. I´ve never been familiar with synths and this little gadget has plenty of parameters to toggle with so I guess it doesn´t bore me easily.

Here is the first track I made with Microkorg (and slight editing). It doesn´t sound like your typical techno/dance shit that´s often made by synths (for some reason it reminds me of some Coil song?). This track will be part of my ever lasting project "60 Minutes" which will be collection of sixty tracks, each lasting exactly one minute.

Downloads elsewhere

If you don´t feel like downloading whole cd´s, you can download few songs here. Unfortunately they are only 128/160 kbps (due to limited space).

perjantaina, lokakuuta 03, 2008

Seuraajat/The Other

Shameless self promotion continues. Psychological short film with yours truly on sound and music can be seen here.

Buddha on TV

Palanen Buddha Machines On Fire -levyn äänimaailmaa kuullaan TV1:n Uusi Kino -ohjelmapaikalla 12.10. klo 23.25 alkaen. Vuorossa Uneton 48 -lyhärikilpailun kymmenen finalistia, joista Prosessi -leffan soundtrackina soi Lo-Fi Buddha.
Shortly: pieces of Lo-Fi Buddha will be heard on Prosessi short film on Finnish television soon.