sunnuntaina, toukokuuta 25, 2014

Vote with a brick part 6

Election time again! Now it was time to vote in European parliament election. So stuff it... and check out the part 6 in ever expanding "Vote with a brick"-series.

And I almost forgot... there was also Ukrainian presidential elections. Peaceful and hassle-free happening where everybody (especially in east Ukraine) had a possibility to use their constitutional right... yeah, you bet, shit.
Download from Archive... or listen here:

perjantaina, toukokuuta 02, 2014


After loooong silence a new SSS release is out there. This time I offer you "Accident worship", factory pressed (NOT home made) CDr in cardboard sleeve. But..... no free download this time. Limited edition of only 50. Pressed by X Youth Gone Wild.
If you want yourself a copy, you can get it for 8€ including shipping anywhere. Payments by paypal (world) or bank transfer (EU). - I AM RUNNING ON A LAST COPIES.

The usual elements are there: noisy soundscapes, gloomy ambient, field recordings from Thailand and UAE, samples (this time from some unknown tv shows, mysterious Arabian dance music tape, pounding drum loops from The Shrieks etc.), malformed human sounds.....
As Drone Records mail order says it: "another very good release by the Finnish experimental noise project, you could call this a kind of  "industrialized musique concrete", combining concrete noises from car accidents and other found sounds with ethnic drumming or walls of drone noise, every track is different...".

Now available at Bandcamp.
You can hear/download a free WAV/MP3 sampler megamix at Archive.