sunnuntaina, tammikuuta 31, 2016

Toinen - The Other (short film)

Now you can watch Toinen - The Other short film with Salakapakka Sound System soundtrack (with english subtitles) at Vimeo.


There is a small interview of yours truly (first one ever!) at Piety Circuit Production's Facebook site.
Go read it.

keskiviikkona, tammikuuta 27, 2016

Gear-a-holic part 15

Hello folks. My latest "toy": Rucci's Minimal Drone. As their web site tells: "This is a minimal drone synthesizer capable of dense sounds. Two oscillators modulate each other while a third selectable LFO adds more interesting rhythmic drones. There is also a low pass filter and volume." Not much to add except that it accepts also CV in, but not all CV. At least my box works only when the incoming control voltage is strong enough (like CV from Dark Time or LFO from Dark Energy). But that's not a big thing since I feel like using it without external CV anyway.
You can order it from their site.

You can hear/download test file here. It was made only by using Minimal Drone and Boss RC-2 loop pedal. No eq, no effects, no editing (even though it might need some... but hey, that's drone... it is supposed to go on and on and on with slow movements). There is actually two test files put into one: first, shorter, one is faster and the second one is longer and building up slowly. Nothing fancy but it gives you an idea what it's capable of.