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New compilation track

Salakapakka Sound System is proud to be part of brand new web compilation "A Tribute To Ruth White". As you guessed, it is a cover tribute to the grand old lady of moog music (read an article about her here). SSS participates with a track Hanged man from her album "Seven Trumps From The Tarot Cards" [1969].
Thanks to Brad Miller once again for making this happen. Get it here.

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KAAMOSHOW 6 - Finnish double treat

Go here to find Kaamoshow 6.

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This time something completely different: SSS remix of ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM´s Reflections. Go get it here.

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Kaamoshow 4 moved here.

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updating activities

After "Kallokontrolli" there is going to be a while when I´m not posting anything I´ve made. Feel a little bit worn out. I´ll post only kaamoshows because they are fun to make.
Future projects include "60 Minutes" (this seems to be a veeery long project), "La Musique Concrète part 2" (two tracks made already) and maybe a 3" mini cdr of warped illbient-ish music with dance rhythms and noisy textures (one track ready, it was supposed to be included in "Kallokontrolli" but it was left out at the last moment). Hallelujah.


Oops, Kaamoshow 3 moved here.

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FINALLY! Thee almighty, powerful, long-awaited and blaah-blaah-blaah is here. Making of "Kallokontrolli" lasted a bit but I hope it was worth it. Originally it was supposed to be a single noise album but it turned out to be A) a double CDr, and B) far from being just a noise record. I have often difficulties describing which genre my musical creations belong to, so just take a listen and judge yourself. Compared to my previous releases, "Kallokontrolli" features unusually large amount of improvised tracks which have been slightly post-processed and edited.

Tracks are:
CD1-1 {-0-}
CD1-2 The Death of ندا آقا سلطان
CD1-3 «Наши» (Vladimir the Impaler mix)
CD1-4 Standing in the shadows of mediocrity
CD1-5 Forest fire
CD1-6 Basics of fully functional society are built on participants armed with sheer goodwill and ignorance
CD1-7 0¤¤¤0
CD1-8 Homoerotic rallies of the 3rd Reich
CD1-9 You think you´re master race but I think you´re pathetic joke
CD1-10 Vote with a brick (edit)
CD1-11 Springtime kills me
CD2-1 ###+]
CD2-2 Bleeding circuits
CD2-3 Bitch vomit
CD2-4 guitar piece #1
CD2-5 guitar piece #4
CD2-6 '''''......
CD2-7 Jam 24th july 2009
CD2-8 Anorexia help line 666
CD2-9 Ich Bin Laden
CD2-10 Ruttopuiston kävelevä vainaja
CD2-11 Every day I wake up and wish _______ was dead (fill in the blank space)
CD2-12 Ins´allah
CD2-13 The Death of Kelsang Namtso

Elements of destruction were: Korg Kaossilator, micro Korg synthesizer/vocoder, Moog etherwave theremin, cheap piece-o-shit electric guitar and bass guitar, Meinl helix bowl, wind chimes, human voice, metal, Boss RC-2 loop station, Boss ME-50, Line 6 Tone Core delay and reverb pedals, samples and concrete sounds, data bending, Roland SP-404 sampler, PhotoSounder, Audacity, Pro Tools LE 7... and I would love to add Paiste symbals but I´m sorry I don´t have them. So much for rock´n´roll and street credibility.

Few side notes:
The cover above is not the real cover. Real cover is black sand paper with a small screw holding the records inside. I just thought it would be nice to have some picture added to this post (and other places on the net).
Tracks CD2-4 (guitar), CD2-5 (bass) & CD2-7 (Kaossilator and Boss Me-50) are live impros recorded straight to two tracks. Only minimum post-editing was made. I don´t know a shit about playing a guitar and learning chords is a real annoyance. But still you can get a good amount of interesting sounds and noises out of them (out of anything) without worring about notes and is it in tune or out of tune. CD2-2 was made using only my voice, feedback and loop station. CD2-3 was made in same way but with an added lo-fi rumbling which I cannot remember where it came from (there are lot of accidental sounds present in "Kallokontrolli"). Both are old tunes that existed before I started making this record and CD2-3 is probably my favorite track at the time of writing.
CD1-2 is dedicated to young Iranian female Neda Agha-Soltan who was randomly shot during a demonstration in Tehran on june 2009. You can read more about her here. CD2-13 is dedicated to 17 year old Tibetan nun who was viciously shot in snow-white mountains by chinese soldiers while she was trying to escape into exile from Tibet. More about her here.
CD1-3 is the original version of «Наши», remixes of that has been available as a remix EP here. You can read about «Наши» (Nashi or Putin Jugend) here and there. I have mixed feelings of their actions and I´m quite happy that they stay on the other side of Finnish-Russian border. It is OK to fight fascism but what really is their alternative???
CD1-1, CD1-7, CD2-1 & CD2-6 are meant to be intros and midtros dividing the whole "Kallokontrolli" into four separate parts. CD2-1 features sample of Elizabeth Taylor in excellent film Suddenly Last Summer. Digital synth noise of CD1-10 is available elsewhere in this blog in uncut form.

Read review at KMY site here.

Don´t be a moron,
listen/download uncompressed WAV, lossless FLAC etc. here
listen/download individual mp3 files here or download whole mp3 package here


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good news

I am going to Crete for a week to spend some holiday (again) and gather some sound material for future projects. When I come back it won´t be long until "Kallokontrolli" will be finished. It is going to be a double-cdr housed in sandpaper covers. Nearly half of the tracks have already been mastered and mixed. Groovy, baby.

lauantaina, syyskuuta 05, 2009


Oh crap. Influenza caught me, H1N1 or some other seasonal flu... it doesn´t matter. Spending five days quarantined (in my own room luckily) and separated from family and the rest of the outside world sounds like funny experiment but I got tired of it after five hours, so it is going to be long wait.
To celebrate the flu, here is a track called Music for Headaches. It originates from the same session as Piper of the Wasteland presented originally here.

tiistaina, elokuuta 25, 2009

"THAT'S ROMANCE: A Loving Tribute To John Zewizz" is exactly that. A tribute to the legendary American Industrial Musick pioneer John Zewizz. Featuring songs spanning John's long and vaired career by artists from all over the world.

Released via FOAMIN' SODOMY RECORDS in conjunction with the KILL YOUR GODZ web page.

All proceeds go to FREE THE BEARS FUND INC. Let's make that alot of money!

Order HERE

silence is golden

No activity here for some time because I´m stuck in spider´s web. Hah, not really. I am just spending summer vacation examining the wonders of nature (click the picture of the spider above) in Lapland and other places.
"Kallokontrolli" is coming sometime later this year... I promise. It is going to be the best thing I´ve done so far.

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New web-only EP «Наши» out now. Go get it.

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video stuff

I found this piece of video on the net. SSS´s Buddha doesn´t smile anymore is heard on the background. Kind of creepy video. Thanks to brewcaster who made that.

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Updating activities

Salakapakka Sound System and Marko & Myky are proud to be part of Free Music Archive. "The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. The Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet."

"Kallokontrolli" is on it´s way. The only problem is that I have material worth of two albums! I am not yet sure is it going to be double-cdr or two different releases. I really have to think about that. There´s going to be few more tracks but there are at least following tracks ready to be out-there: '''''....., {-0-}, «Наши» (Vladimir the Impaler -mix), Anorexia help line 666, Basics of fully functional society are built on participants armed with sheer goodwill and ignorance, Bitch vomit, Bleeding circuits, Every day I wake up and wish _______ was dead (fill in the blank space), guitar piece #1, guitar piece #2, guitar piece #4, Homoerotic rallies of the 3rd Reich, Ich Bin Laden, Ins'allah, Ruttopuiston kävelevä vainaja, Springtime kills me, Vote with a brick (edit) and You think you´re master race but I think you´re pathetic joke.

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Compilation track

Salakapakka Sound System is proud to be part of web compilation "That´s Romance - A Loving Tribute to John Zewizs", a tribute/cover album of Sleepchamber/Women of SS songs. SSS have offered glitchy cover/remix/rework of Sleepchamber´s Courtfield Road.
You can find "That´s Romance" here... and part 2 somewhere else in the blogosphere.

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"La Musique Concrète part 1" now available in uncompressed format here.

perjantaina, toukokuuta 29, 2009

Gear-a-holic part 5

Ok, I know this should be called "software-a-holic" but who cares, not me. PhotoSounder is a software which turns images into sound and vice versa. So you can take your for example your favorite loop, turn it into image file, photoshop it and turn it into sound again. Here is a sound sample how the header of this blog sounds when played by PhotoSounder. But remember, there is so much more what you can do than just drag-and-drop an image file and play it. Nice toy.
You can find more info here. Full non-commercial version 25€, full commercial version 99€.

Did this look like advertisement???

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A little foretaste from the upcoming Kallokontrolli album

Cheers to You all.
I´ve been active lately. "Kallokontrolli" full length album is on it´s way. Half of the songs are ready. I was going to make a full noise album but.... as always it turned out to be something more variable. There will be noisy ambient, aggro noise, a little bit of PE, a little bit of digital mess, guitar wankery etc. etc.
Now I´m offering You a little preview track called Ins'allah, which was supposed to be posted originally here. It is made by Meinl helix bowl, some heavy editing and a sample of muslim prayer (I guess).
In future Salakapakka Sound System will also be part of web compilation called "That´s Romance; A Tribute to Sleepchamber". SSS does a cover os Sleepchamber´s track Courtfield Road. Original tune can be found here.

Slowly but surely I´m working on "La Musique Concréte part 2". So far only one track is made called Monks, mantras and metamphetamine.

Download Ins'allah here.

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keskiviikkona, huhtikuuta 15, 2009


I was committed to making "Mekonium Baby" so hard that I almost forgot I had this in progress as well. As you can guess from it´s name, "La Musique Concrète part 1" is concrete music using only field recordings and pre-existing sounds as material. Even though this is part 1, this ain´t my first exploration into concrete music. Lot of people who downloaded previous Salakapakka Sound System items seem to have missed my very first post "Kahden Kulttuurin Ääniä".

For now "La Musique Concrète part 1" is available for download at excellent Because God Told Me To Do It blog and Kill Your Godz site. Uncompressed formats available later at Internet Archive. Go to those sites to enjoy "La Musique 1"; shitload of strange sounds mixed with ambient noise, church acoustics, construction site noises, religious chants etc.

1. God´s gift [4.37]
2. Tebe poyem [4.35]
3. The end of christianity... as we know it [5.57]
4. Henki ei kulje [6.02]
5. Descend into hell 1 [7.44]
6. Descend into hell 2 [30.00]

UPDATE: now available uncompressed here.
Or get whole mp3 set here.

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Compilation track

Salakapakka Sound System appears on free web-compilation "Because God Told Me To Do It vol1: Formulation". Track Celebration of the Moon is a droning piece for two guitars and synth. So far it is available nowhere else.

Go get the whole compilation HERE

maanantaina, maaliskuuta 30, 2009


Now you can find Salakapakka Sound System (and related) at Brad Miller´s KILL YOUR GODS website which is dedicated to artists of experimental and non-commercial nature. Check it out, there´s going to be extra tracks not available elsewhere sometime in future.
I also encourage you to visit Brad´s excellent blog Because God Told Me To Do It if you are even remotely interested in Psychic TV/GP-O, Sleepchamber, Blood Axis, martial/neo folk etc. One of THE best blogs out there.


coming soon...

tiistaina, helmikuuta 17, 2009


Finally it is ready! Celebrating my daughter´s one-year birthday here is Marko & Myky: ”Mekonium Baby” 3” CD-R. Participants were Marko-V (born 1970) and Pinja (born 2008). All sounds are vocal voices and other noises produced by Pinja.

First track Sandman features distorted sounds of Pinja´s whining which sounds a lot like overdriven guitar. There´s also metallic rhythm of her banging on a can.
Title track Mekonium baby is longest track. It is slowly evolving stuff divided in two separate parts. This track includes only whining and breathing sounds even though the rhythm of the second part sounds like warped drum machine.
Toy synth v1.0 and v2.0 include sounds of Pinja vocalising and playing children´s toy keyboard (which has by now gone to graveyard of old electronic gadgets, R.I.P.). Actually she managed to get the keyboard malfunctioning and producing strange sounds which are presented here. I never managed to get such a great sounds out of it.
Voi itku was presented here on Ikuinen kaamos blog before. Slowed down voices of Pinja remind me of Whitehouse´s track Baby from Quality Time CD.
Retarded lullaby ends this mini album and features also sounds of Pinja before she was even born. The clicking sounds of the latter part of this song are originally produced by machine which monitors child´s heart rate just before birth begins (oh yes, I had recorder with me in maternity hospital).

Enjoy, it demanded hard time and effort doing this.
Review here.

Download MARKO & MYKY: Mekonium Baby
here (various different file formats), or few tracks here.

torstaina, helmikuuta 05, 2009

New download options

Because not everyone has a Rapidshare account, I have decided to make downloads (uncompressed WAV, compressed lossless FLAC and VBR mp3) available also via Internet Archive. There you can preview and/or download individual tracks instead of whole zipped packages.

lauantaina, tammikuuta 17, 2009

Gear-a-holic part 4

Eagerly awaited FM3 Buddha Machine 2.0 with new loops has been released. This time it features also pitch bend wheel. I haven´t got it yet but FM3 are kind enough to provide loops in mp3 format here. Expect "Buddha Machines on Fire part 2" sometime in distant future. Small feature of "Buddha Machines on Fire" here.

Things are going slowly. I wish "Mekonium Baby" mini-cd will be finished until the end of february. Three tracks are ready, couple more are on their way. "Mekonium Baby" was originally supposed to be a little softer material but it is getting louder and noisier than I previously planned. It is always a surprise where things are evolving.