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Gear-a-holic part 7

This time I present You two compact nice little toys (which certainly do not sound like toys): JoMoX T-resonator time woven filtermatrix & Doepfer Dark Energy monophonic synthesizer.
T-resonator is "Jomox T-Resonator – filter box with delay, stereo input, stereo output, envelope follower with LFO, 2x filters, 2x delay lines/chorus/reverb, 8x algorithms, positive feedback loops, cross feedback, FM feedback". In other words you feed in whatever sound you feel like, filter and delay it and add some piercing high pitched feedback and/or low screaming bass feedback. You can create some loud feedbacks even without any input. The user interface is a little tricky (as you can see in the picture) but once you get to used to it you can control it enough so you don´t get stuck in the middle of feedbacking inferno (well you can, if you feel like - well I do). Lovely piece of equipment, especially if you are into noise making and ambient soundscapes. If you looking for normal delay and filter units, there are lot of other choices out there.
The other little lunch box is Dark Energy monophonic synth made by Doepfer. Lot of switches and knobs and oh yes... it is fully analog with USB and MIDI connections so you can use it as a standalone unit or you can add some extra modulation via MIDI controls or soft sequencers. Since I am trying to shift towards 'computer-free' sound creation I have not tried USB connection. Compared to WSG which I introduced here a while ago, Dark Energy makes a little more sense because you know what you are doing if you are familiar with sound synthesis. Well, I am not too familiar with it so it gives me a little sense of control but also a lot of surprises, some of which are pleasant, some are not.
I made a six-pack of test files offered for download. Test files 1+2 are made by using WSG, Dark Energy & T-resonator. Files 3,4 & 6 are made with Dark Energy and Boss ME-50 multieffects pedal (which added some distortion and delay). File 5 is made by feeding a sample of singing birds into T-resonator, results are quite interesting. Sample is courtesy of National Trust. And remember, these are only test files and should be treated as such.

Download six-pack of test files @ Rapidshare or Mediafire

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