perjantaina, kesäkuuta 25, 2010

Hail to the almighty midnight sun, garage junk & stilles volk!

Just recently got back from vacation. This time we traveled and drove to Lapland via eastern Finland. First of all I have to say that midnight sun is a mess. I like it when nights are dark... just like they are supposed to be. The idea of sun shining all the way through the night can really mess your biological rhythm.
While staying with my lady´s relatives´house in a small village in eastern Finland I found that there was a garage loaded with junk metal objects! Luckily I have a recorder with me every time I go on a vacation so I had about 2-3 hours of screeching, banging and clinging metal sounds. God bless people who never dare to throw anything even remotely useful junk away. Expect to hear some scrap metal noise sometime in a future. I actually made few short bursts of cut-up metal noise but I did not upload them since I´m saving them for my future releases.

I also found a strange conceptual work of art (called "quiet people") in the middle of nowhere. A field full of these:

Imagine a dark evening and a bit of rain and thunder... they look a little bit like zombies, don´t they?

Oh, by the way brand new Kaamoshow --->hier<---

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