torstaina, heinäkuuta 10, 2014


First a long silence and then suddenly three posts in one day.
I've done a remix for Spurious Transients but I don't really know where and when will that come up. Gavin from ST had some plans but unfortunately there was some issues with the record company.
Some tracks have been sent back and forth with The Day of The Antler and maybe one of these days a sequel to SSS/TDOTA collaboration will see a day.

Gear-a-holic part 13

A small update about the gear I've got my hands on in a past half year or so.
Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar. "Turns your guitar into sitar", not quite. Sometimes it works fine, creating a droning sound but sometimes that sitar sound just buggers me big time. Found out that it works nice with some percussion sounds.
Electro-Harmonix 8-step program analog expression/cv sequencer. Functionality of this little piece depends on what it is attached to. It does not make any sound on it's own. It only controls the certain parameters of the effect pedal it is connected to. It also takes in midi commands and sends out CV information (which I find quite useful when attached to analog synth). If you feel like getting one, check closely the compatibility list first.
Rocktron Heart Attack dynamic filter. I got that for a cheap price but haven't used it much so cannot really say nothing sensible about it. Certainly not one of those things that make you go "w-o-w" at a very first try.
Alesis SR-16 drum machine. tells that "SR-16 is a powerful drum machine, but ultimately it also sounds like a drum machine". I have always loved the mechanical machine-like unhuman drum sounds on Godflesh records and I found out that they were (still are???) using Alesis SR-16. It is affordable, slightly clumsy and if you are in a bad mood, creating patterns and fills may feel like pain in the ass... but I still like it, a lot. Generally I am not a big fan of MIDI technology but I like the way you can sync SR-16 with analog synth/sequencer (or with the EH 8-step sequencer I mentioned above).

Kinetik Laboratories Xmatrix passive matrix mixer with three inputs/outputs. Very nice gadget for routing input signal(s) to multiple outputs and/or for feedback insanity. Some will regard the limited inputs/outputs as downside, but so far I have made it quite well with only three ins & outs.

Sorry, no soundfiles this time. Maybe one of these days...

Buying stuff

Added my e-mail address to the top right where my profile stands (it was hidden beyond the profile link... which is not very useful). So now it is easier to contact me just in case you want to buy stuff directly from me.
You can get "Abandoned factories..." tape straight from Banned Productions web site. I have only few copies left.
"Ikuinen kaamos" 3" CDr is still available straight from Lona Records. I got only couple left.
"Accident worship" is still available. Some are gone but there is still plenty left.
You can also check my page if you feel like bying from there.
If you feel like bying some of those home-burned SSS CDr's, just contact me: swinger_vierikko (AT) hotmail (DOT) com