perjantaina, joulukuuta 05, 2008

Gear-a-holic part 3

Now this is interesting sounding gadget called Meinl Helix Bowl. It is... as you can guess... a metal helix attached to hollow bowl. By stroking or beating helix with a metal stick produces fascinating spacey sound.

I was supposed to put a sound example here but it evolved into a full track called Ins'allah which will be included in "Kallokontrolli" CD-r. Just wait until it gets finished. (UPDATE: ...fuck that, it is here)

Gear-a-holic part 2

Just recently I bought this interesting pocket size synth-looper Korg Kaossilator. Nice little toy to play with. It includes plenty of synthetic sounds which you can control by touch pad in a same manner you control effects in Kaosspad (another fancy toy from Korg). You can also create nice loops which you unfortunately cannot save for later use (that´s why portable recorder is handy companion tool).
Here are two very different tracks I made by Kaossilator. First track One Minute_11 is a short new age/ambient track which will be featured in upcoming "60 Minutes" CD. Second example Piper of the Wasteland is long (nearly 12 minutes) slightly edited track which is based on growing layers of loops. At best there must be about 20 different sounds looping around.

Download One Minute_11 here
Download Piper of the Wasteland here

Upcoming stuff

Long time and not much to post here. I´ve been busy spending quality time with family and doing this and that etc.

I have been working on various musical ideas simultaneously. Upcoming releases include the following:

1. Marko & Myky: "Mekonium Baby"
2. "Kallokontrolli" (noise)
3. So far untitled series of musique concrete -cd´s. Recently I´ve been working on a half-hour lasting concrete ambient track Descend into Hell.
4. "60 Minutes", collection of sound sketches and minisongs each lasting one minute.
5. There exists also various tracks which do not fit into any of above mentioned releases. They will be collected on cd´s sometime in future (or they will be posted here separately in time).