keskiviikkona, helmikuuta 10, 2010

I´m not dead... yet.

It has been a long time since I´ve posted anything. It is only because I haven´t had anything to offer and I don´t feel like posting pointless comments about anything or showering my blog with endless stream of YouTube links. Few words of information about future plans and other stuff.
I have been receiving invitations to Facebook lately. Just for you to know: I am NOT a member of Facebook and for now I have no intention or interest in being one. I´m not saying that I will never be a member of facial book or other friend gathering social media network. I just feel it is not my thing right now. So do not be disappointed if I do not answer your seducing invitations.
There is going to be a new gear-a-holic post with a sound file in not-so-distant future. More about it later.
Two new tracks are ready. Emilian päänahka is beat oriented indie electro whatever-you-name-it. Unusually clean and catchy example of SSS repertoire. There is also new untitled piece of droning layers, rumbling low frequencies and shrieking synth sounds which is yet unmixed. One of those tracks which I loved immediately. Some time ago I found from my messy archives an old rehearsal track made only by ticking pocket watch and reverb/delay. It sounds like perfect soundtrack for running: clock is ticking, your heart is bumping and you´re slowly getting out of breath. I have to mix and master it, add a few litlle extra tricks and maybe edit it a little. It´s name is Time is running out and it will be included in "La Musique Concrète part 2" in distant future (end of 2010???).
In future, there is a small possibility of pressing few pieces of dubplates including A) couple of old tracks, or B) couple of new tracks, or C) lock grooves. But this is so far just an idea that I am working on. If it happens, there is going to be an edition of max 5 mainly for my own selfish amusement but maybe a few for sale. Be warned, they are not cheap.

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