keskiviikkona, toukokuuta 18, 2016

HAZARDA BRUO SONSISTEMO - Eurovision Song Contest 2016 EP

Here is a debut release of SSS sidekick project Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo called "Eurovision Song Contest 2016", being just as silly and stupid as the title suggests. After this year's Eurovision song contest I thought 'what if I layer those songs on top of each other and slightly treat them somehow...?'. Here's the result: four tracks of uneasy listening hodge-podge experience devoid of any compositional structure or talent.

Download whole zipped package from mediafire here.
Listen / download uncompressed wav at
Additional download options coming soon.


This time I present you my new solo side project called Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo which is an output for my ad hoc sound experiments which quite doesn't fit into Salakapakka Sound System repertoire. Stylistically it can be harsh & loud, quiet ambience, structured or abstract, electronic/acoustic/electroacoustic/field recordings or whatever. No borderlines, no insight, no entertainment, no intelligence... no shit.
First release in next post.


Running on last copies of "Atonality Appreciation Society" tape so if you want yours, be quick. Otherwise you can ask for it, "Barbed Wire Boogie" & "Accident Worship" from Freak Animal, Drone Records, Mask of the Slave, Mirgilus Sicilorum, Cursed Tapes, Gravity Swarm and Sun & Moon Records.
Two exciting new split releases on their way (one recycled tape and one bandcamp release) - more about them when they are out.
I am also working on two new side projects, more about them later.