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After "Kallokontrolli" there is going to be a while when I´m not posting anything I´ve made. Feel a little bit worn out. I´ll post only kaamoshows because they are fun to make.
Future projects include "60 Minutes" (this seems to be a veeery long project), "La Musique Concrète part 2" (two tracks made already) and maybe a 3" mini cdr of warped illbient-ish music with dance rhythms and noisy textures (one track ready, it was supposed to be included in "Kallokontrolli" but it was left out at the last moment). Hallelujah.


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FINALLY! Thee almighty, powerful, long-awaited and blaah-blaah-blaah is here. Making of "Kallokontrolli" lasted a bit but I hope it was worth it. Originally it was supposed to be a single noise album but it turned out to be A) a double CDr, and B) far from being just a noise record. I have often difficulties describing which genre my musical creations belong to, so just take a listen and judge yourself. Compared to my previous releases, "Kallokontrolli" features unusually large amount of improvised tracks which have been slightly post-processed and edited.

Tracks are:
CD1-1 {-0-}
CD1-2 The Death of ندا آقا سلطان
CD1-3 «Наши» (Vladimir the Impaler mix)
CD1-4 Standing in the shadows of mediocrity
CD1-5 Forest fire
CD1-6 Basics of fully functional society are built on participants armed with sheer goodwill and ignorance
CD1-7 0¤¤¤0
CD1-8 Homoerotic rallies of the 3rd Reich
CD1-9 You think you´re master race but I think you´re pathetic joke
CD1-10 Vote with a brick (edit)
CD1-11 Springtime kills me
CD2-1 ###+]
CD2-2 Bleeding circuits
CD2-3 Bitch vomit
CD2-4 guitar piece #1
CD2-5 guitar piece #4
CD2-6 '''''......
CD2-7 Jam 24th july 2009
CD2-8 Anorexia help line 666
CD2-9 Ich Bin Laden
CD2-10 Ruttopuiston kävelevä vainaja
CD2-11 Every day I wake up and wish _______ was dead (fill in the blank space)
CD2-12 Ins´allah
CD2-13 The Death of Kelsang Namtso

Elements of destruction were: Korg Kaossilator, micro Korg synthesizer/vocoder, Moog etherwave theremin, cheap piece-o-shit electric guitar and bass guitar, Meinl helix bowl, wind chimes, human voice, metal, Boss RC-2 loop station, Boss ME-50, Line 6 Tone Core delay and reverb pedals, samples and concrete sounds, data bending, Roland SP-404 sampler, PhotoSounder, Audacity, Pro Tools LE 7... and I would love to add Paiste symbals but I´m sorry I don´t have them. So much for rock´n´roll and street credibility.

Few side notes:
The cover above is not the real cover. Real cover is black sand paper with a small screw holding the records inside. I just thought it would be nice to have some picture added to this post (and other places on the net).
Tracks CD2-4 (guitar), CD2-5 (bass) & CD2-7 (Kaossilator and Boss Me-50) are live impros recorded straight to two tracks. Only minimum post-editing was made. I don´t know a shit about playing a guitar and learning chords is a real annoyance. But still you can get a good amount of interesting sounds and noises out of them (out of anything) without worring about notes and is it in tune or out of tune. CD2-2 was made using only my voice, feedback and loop station. CD2-3 was made in same way but with an added lo-fi rumbling which I cannot remember where it came from (there are lot of accidental sounds present in "Kallokontrolli"). Both are old tunes that existed before I started making this record and CD2-3 is probably my favorite track at the time of writing.
CD1-2 is dedicated to young Iranian female Neda Agha-Soltan who was randomly shot during a demonstration in Tehran on june 2009. You can read more about her here. CD2-13 is dedicated to 17 year old Tibetan nun who was viciously shot in snow-white mountains by chinese soldiers while she was trying to escape into exile from Tibet. More about her here.
CD1-3 is the original version of «Наши», remixes of that has been available as a remix EP here. You can read about «Наши» (Nashi or Putin Jugend) here and there. I have mixed feelings of their actions and I´m quite happy that they stay on the other side of Finnish-Russian border. It is OK to fight fascism but what really is their alternative???
CD1-1, CD1-7, CD2-1 & CD2-6 are meant to be intros and midtros dividing the whole "Kallokontrolli" into four separate parts. CD2-1 features sample of Elizabeth Taylor in excellent film Suddenly Last Summer. Digital synth noise of CD1-10 is available elsewhere in this blog in uncut form.

Read review at KMY site here.

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