perjantaina, toukokuuta 29, 2009

Gear-a-holic part 5

Ok, I know this should be called "software-a-holic" but who cares, not me. PhotoSounder is a software which turns images into sound and vice versa. So you can take your for example your favorite loop, turn it into image file, photoshop it and turn it into sound again. Here is a sound sample how the header of this blog sounds when played by PhotoSounder. But remember, there is so much more what you can do than just drag-and-drop an image file and play it. Nice toy.
You can find more info here. Full non-commercial version 25€, full commercial version 99€.

Did this look like advertisement???

lauantaina, toukokuuta 09, 2009

A little foretaste from the upcoming Kallokontrolli album

Cheers to You all.
I´ve been active lately. "Kallokontrolli" full length album is on it´s way. Half of the songs are ready. I was going to make a full noise album but.... as always it turned out to be something more variable. There will be noisy ambient, aggro noise, a little bit of PE, a little bit of digital mess, guitar wankery etc. etc.
Now I´m offering You a little preview track called Ins'allah, which was supposed to be posted originally here. It is made by Meinl helix bowl, some heavy editing and a sample of muslim prayer (I guess).
In future Salakapakka Sound System will also be part of web compilation called "That´s Romance; A Tribute to Sleepchamber". SSS does a cover os Sleepchamber´s track Courtfield Road. Original tune can be found here.

Slowly but surely I´m working on "La Musique Concréte part 2". So far only one track is made called Monks, mantras and metamphetamine.

Download Ins'allah here.