lauantaina, joulukuuta 22, 2012

Xmas song

So it is christmas and everybody´s feeling just nice? Right?? Dare you to disagree f*cker???
Here is a christmas tune by Salakapakka Sound System in glorious 48 khz wav. Some deep low frequenzy rumbling so Santa says: "shut up and listen by phones or nice pair of speakers, not your shitty laptop speakers".

tiistaina, marraskuuta 20, 2012

Abandoned Factories Scream at Night (c22 tape, Banned Production)

Out of nowhere comes "Abandoned Factories Scream at Night" a brand new official limited edition c22 tape release (with standard jewel case and J card) released by profilic noise label Banned Production run by AMK.
Six tracks (four short blasts and two longer atmospheric pieces) made in 2011 and 2012. Buzzing and humming drones and cut-up iron junk insanity. Tracks are:
A1. Cut-up metal 1
A2. Cut-up metal 2
A3. Ice-cold and Scandinavian
B4. Cut-up metal 3
B5. Iron borders
B6. Abandoned factories scream at night

To order: visit Banned Production web site (at the time of writing the web site hasn' t been updated lately so listing does not include this tape yet but you can ask AMK) or contact me (trading for your own release is fine). And remember, they are cd's. It is official so do NOT ask me to upload it.

A review at Special Interests #9

tiistaina, marraskuuta 13, 2012

new compilation track

New compilation track called Filthspector is featured in a new Soinoise web compilation. Track itself is not so new, I think it dates back to 2011. It is noisy... so go get it here.

torstaina, marraskuuta 08, 2012

Some new video stuff

This is trippy. Featuring Zenophobic by SSS.

Some surprising statistics

Just recently I was observing the download and listening volume of SSS releases at Free Music Archive. I got to say I was a little bit surprised.

Just leaves me wondering... who the hell are you people???

perjantaina, syyskuuta 14, 2012

new remix

There was a one unfinished remix which I just got finished. Original track Half past 10 was made by Spurious Transients (which you may remember from "SSS Re(dis)covered").
Go hear the remix and compare it to original track.

video stuff

Hmmm... this is interesting. Featuring Jam 240709 from "Kallokontrolli".

may shooting trailer from maison dressage on Vimeo.

keskiviikkona, elokuuta 22, 2012

now ---------> future

Too many releases lately: collaborations, remixes, two releases which I´ve been working on for one or two years. It is time to take a break. There is still one more remix thing I am working on but after that it is going to be quiet for some time (still posting some irrelevant comments and updates... and maybe doing few kaamoshows).
I have some thoughts about the next release but that is still a 'secret'.

Thanks, everyone.


Here it is! SSS remix album. Mixes have been made by yours truly and a couple of outside helping hands and ears.

1. Monks & mantras [Derek Piotr remix] --- This track was originally Monks, mantras & methamphetamine from "La Musique Concrète part 2". Original was very much vocal oriented affair so that´s why Derek was a perfect choice for remixing this. Being the shortest track it works as a intro for the whole package.

2. Musta huone [Spurious Transients dub] --- Original track is on "iDiot" EP. Gavin from Spurious Transients was kind enough to offer total of three remixes for this record. Actually four... one mix that did not fit in you can hear at Spurious Transients´ Soundcloud page.  Original track must be one of the most 'musical' pieces of SSS discography and this mix changes it a bit without losing it´s musical qualities, unlike...

3. Musta huone [musta mix] --- It was funny to notice how outside mixers did not feel like destroying original tracks totally. So I had to do it. This time I turned Musta huone into atonal black ambient mess.

4. Reinin kultakannel [TDoTA mix] --- This track appears in it´s original form (and name untitled piece for kantele#1) at compilation "Soinoise vol.2: SIDS". The Day of The Antler made a remix that sounds different (but not too much) compared to original which was mostly improvised piece.

5. Guitar piece #1 [The Post Riot Era remix] --- Original piece was also improvised stuff which appeared in "Kallokontrolli" album. Dean from TPRE added more aggressive ambient feel to the mix. Now it sounds more powerful than the original.

6. Rakkauskirje oikeistopopulisteille [Spurious Transients bossa nova mix] --- This remix makes me smile every time. A twisted bossa nova rhythm added to track that was originally in "iDiot". This one stands out!

7. Time is running out [chinese water torture mix] --- Original piece from "La Musique Concrète part 2" turned once again into a mess by myself. You cannot call the original very 'musical' but this mix pushes it even further into atonality.

8. Time is running out [Spurious Transients mix] --- Alternate vision, not so annoying as the previous torture mix.

9. Pawel wins nobel prize for slavery [uneasy listening version] --- Original track released as business card CDr limited edition of 2 as a gift to Pawel who runs Soinoise blog. Droning synth and frentic drumming. Added a great amount of distortion thus making it less pleasant listening experience.

Get it 320 kbps mp3 from mediafire
Or from Free Music Archive (here a download link for full album in mp3)
Uncompressed wav at Internet archive.

Note: physical copies are unique packages: CDr´s attached to some cheap shit 7" vinyls.

Please, check out remixer´s websites:
Spurious Transients
The Post Riot Era
Derek Piotr
The Day of The Antler @ Discogs

sunnuntaina, elokuuta 12, 2012


Surprise surprise! Brand new collaboration between Salakapakka Sound System and The Day Of The Antler. In the beginning, it was not supposed to be a whole release. Jani from TDoTA sent me a few tracks for remix/rework. We exchanged some tracks and suddenly noticed that we have a mini-album worth of material. So here it is: three tracks + intro + outro + 2 midtros. TDoTA lies heavily on 80´s tape scene industrial sound while I offered a more modern approach to the sound design. The result is somewhere between old and new school. Enjoy!
Review at KMY site
Get it as 320 kbps mp3 from mediafire
You can hear it also at Free Music Archive and here is a download link (mp3 from FMA)
Mp3 at Internet archive.

Follow-up to this release here.

tiistaina, heinäkuuta 17, 2012

video stuff

SSS, Science in Sport and Tour de France stuffed together??? Oh yes.

If problems watching the video here, try going to YouTube.

sunnuntaina, heinäkuuta 15, 2012


So here it is... iDiot mini-album free for all:

Gear-a-holic part 11

I am not one of those who dwell upon flea markets and garage sales and find superb vintage instruments for ridiculous prices. I wish I was, and I wish I had a decent practise palce where I could store them. But sometimes a small detail amongst the huge piles of garbage catches my eye, just like today. My latest find is a very slightly dysfunctional childrens toy accordion. Quite nice sound with some resonating elements somewhere inside. Attach it to your favorite distortion-delay-reverb chain and BOOOM! you are ready to go.

Back from vacation

Been spending some vacation. Dropped in to a junk site which I´ve been recording in before. Ahh... all that beatiful dirty rusty garbage.

lauantaina, kesäkuuta 16, 2012


Words cannot describe how happy I am I got this piece out before taking a vacation. A sequel to vol.1, there is nothing new; songs made about and inspired by FM3 Buddha Machine and a bunch of other Buddhist loop jukeboxes. It is getting late and I have nothing else to say...

1.entrance music
5.Buddha metal machine music
6.Buddha metal machine music 2
7.Buddhist on fire
8.exit music

Get it from mediafire (mp3 320kbps)
Free music archive (mp3) straight download link here
Internet archive (mp3 + wav + flac)

torstaina, kesäkuuta 14, 2012


Finally "La Musique Concrète part 2" is finished. Part 1 was a theme album but this time I´ve given myself all the freedom to mess with pre-existing concrete sounds without limitations of a certain given theme. First track (and oldest, it dates back some years, might as well be one the earliest proper sound experiments I´ve made) Time is running out is made by recording stopwatch. Music for jogging... maybe? Next track Henki ei kulje 2 was made by using breath-ins and breath-outs of various radio announcers. Sounds like insects swarming in a cave. You can hear Henki ei kulje 1 at Part 1.
Some of long-time SSS-followers (are there any?) know about my fascination about Orthodox church music and Buddhist chanting. Monks, mantras and methamphetamine combines these two distant cultures together. At the end of the track you can hear approx. 40 layers of monk chanting which sounds very much like electronics.
Field recording from Thailand is just what the name suggests: unaltered recording from a balcony of our hotel room very early in the morning. Those insects can drive you crazy! It features another obsession of mine: Muslim chanting.
Descend into hell 3 is a continuation of parts 1 and 2 from "La Musique Concrète part 1" which used recordings of a construction yard right beside the house where I live. This is basically made by layering together and editing parts 1 and 2. Building site sounds continue to live on in a next track Men at work.
One time at work I amused myself by eavesdropping (and recording, of cource) a pre-press conference ambience from some local conference room where prime minister of Finland was just to give a briefing to media about some contemporary situation at hand. From approximately 20 minute sound file I separated few-second loops which work as a sound material for this one. It sounds like it is going nowhere but there are always loops interchanging and fading in/out.
Hotel balcony at night and Beach blanket bingo are tracks using sounds I recorded while spending holiday in Cabo Verde. Material for the first one was recorded at night from our hotel room balcony and it sounds like there were some bats flying around but no such luck, it is only some heavy sound processing. Watersports is made of underwater sounds recorded by hydrophone. Made me feel like being in some water filled cave.
Venezuela part 3 was made by layering insect sounds from Venezuela (not recorded by me). Sounds very electronic. Parts 1 and 2 were early versions and rehearsals of this particular theme and they have not been heard in public.

I tried and managed to resist the temptation of overcompressing and/or brick-walling these tracks. I am tired of today´s habit of overcompressing music. Power of music lies in dynamics, not in blasting sound pressure levels. Even if it means that you have to crank volume levels up a bit. Listen this with your headphones on.

The picture above is not the real record cover. It is only a digi file companion for downloads. Those of you who want physical CD-r copies will get them in unique trash or found material covers. The whole idea of concrete music is recycling of sounds so I am extending this idea for cover manufacturing. CD-r´s will be housed in whatever trash or treasures I can find.

01. Time is running out
02. Henki ei kulje 2
03. Monks, mantras and methamphetamine
04. Field recording from Thailand
05. Descend into hell 3
06. Men at work
07. 37_siis_27
08. Hotel balcony at night
09. Beach blanket bingo
10. Watersports
11. Venezuela part 3

Get LMC2 at:
mediafire (mp3 320 kbps)
Internet archive (VBR mp3, ogg, uncompressed WAV, flac)
Free music archive (mp3) full album download link here

tiistaina, kesäkuuta 05, 2012

Good news boppers

"La Musique Concrète part 2" is nearly there. Just lacking a final mastering and other boring stuff. And that´s not all - "Buddha Machines On Fire vol.2" is almost ready. I am still working on one track but after that it is ready to go. Remix EP "Salakapakka Sound System Re(dis)covered" is going to happen sometime in this summer. And another collaboration which I´ve enjoyed doing is going to happen, but more about that later.

maanantaina, toukokuuta 07, 2012

New demo track

HAH! "La Musique Concrète part 2" is going to happen after all. It is missing a song or two but it is on it´s way... I promise.
Here is a demo track which will be on LMC2 in one way or another. Sound material is looped and manipulated breathing of various radio announcers.

torstaina, huhtikuuta 26, 2012

open call for remixing

I am planning a Salakapakka Sound System remix EP. I have already two lovely fellows who have agreed to do a remix/reworking of SSS material. If you feel like toying with SSS tracks, feel free to contact me. Any style or genre is accepted.

I´ve made lately some remixing/reworking myself. Latest remixes will hopefully materialize in one form or another in near future. One of the strangest remixes I made is available for streaming here. It is an experimental remix of Sarah Fimm´s song Everything becomes whole using only Sarah´s voice as a sound material. Don´t be fooled by the fact that it appears in a remix contest. I never believe it is going to win, I only made it because I felt like doing and trying something totally different compared to original track. What bugs me about majority of today´s remixes is that they tend to be unimaginative trance/dance/whatever remixes aimed mostly at dance floor audience. I am sick of hearing that bumping drum and bass wankery. Well, making a dance mix of some power electronics track might be quite ...challenging (not to mention how much would it piss noise fanatics and trance airheads off).

Bloody hell... this was a 100th post on this blog. Raise a glass of absinthe for me.

Gear-a-holic part 10

This is my new toy. I call it junknator 1. It is basically just a bunch of small iron and springs attached to each other and piece of wood. Contact and close micing + some delicate chosen effects give some nice sounds. I haven´t yet made any track by using it but sometime in future you will hear it in action. Maybe junknator 2 will materialize too.

And here is my latest purchase, Indian shruti box. I love the sound of Indian instruments but unfortunately it is nearly impossible to try and test them anywhere near where I live. I sold some records which I don´t listen anymore to finance this charming (but slightly dysfuncional) unit. Just can´t wait until I have enough spare time to toy with it.

sunnuntaina, huhtikuuta 01, 2012

stream Penetrating Angel

Now you can stream the unreleased album "Penetrating Angel" right here or at soundcloud.


Soundcloud seems like a nice place, so now I am officially part of it. Go check me at
There will be some tracks for streaming and/or downloading.

perjantaina, maaliskuuta 02, 2012

more video stuff

One of the good things about releasing stuff copyright-free is that you can find your stuff sometimes at curious places, like underground short films and advertisments.
There are few more video shorts where SSS music is involved. Here are the links:
Bad Taste 3.0: Jammer-Party (trailer, made by Marcus Wojatschke) - another link

Still More Worrying (short film made by Yan Kouton)

Frame (advertising the independent film project)

Vote with a brick part 5

Presidential election of Russia next sunday. It is a really hard guess who will win... (yeah, right)
Get Vote with a brick part 5 here. Quality of mix and democratic situation in Russia are equally good.

perjantaina, helmikuuta 17, 2012

update & video stuff

Just back from Thailand just to notice that one of my external hard drives malfunctioned badly and finally died away. That means a lot of my sound material (field recordings, random effect sounds, samples etc.) has gone for good. Maybe from now on I´ll learn to back up important stuff more frequently. That means two things: A) "La Musique Concréte part 2" will be delayed & B) "Buddha Machines On Fire part 2" will be delayed. Maybe there is a good side in all of this: I´ll renew my whole computer system and get rid of lot of junk and start making music from an 'empty table'.

There is impressing experimental short film I Wake at You Tube which uses SSS´s First week as a background music. I´m glad they used my music for that. Watch it.

perjantaina, tammikuuta 20, 2012

Megaupload down

"Dear United States Department of Justice. You have decided to shut down megaupload. Well... fuck you and everything you stand for."

Marko-V / Salakapakka Sound System

torstaina, tammikuuta 19, 2012

Vote with a brick part 4

To celebrate presidential elections of Finland... here is part 4 of Vote with a brick series, in glorious WAV.
Free Music Archive (mp3)

torstaina, tammikuuta 05, 2012


Is this the moment when I am supposed to say "happy new year"? In your dreams, honey. This year there´s going to be much more misery, famine, economical downfall, extreme and harmful natural phenomena, random and acts of violence, political/religious/social unrest, dictators taking over in some distant barren third-world wastelands etc. And guess what? I´ll make a song or two about them.