maanantaina, marraskuuta 10, 2008

Teaser track for father´s day

Yesterday was my first father´s day and also my birthday. Therefore I´m posting a teaser track from me and my daughter´s (as Marko & Myky) upcoming CD-r "Mekonium Baby". I don´t know yet is it gonna be full album or 3" mini-cd, time will tell. This track Voi Itku is composed of looping and processed sounds of my daughter whining. Do not expect kids music.

Download Voi Itku here

tiistaina, marraskuuta 04, 2008


Big day in U-and-S-of-A. New president will be elected and change is gonna come... yeah, right, sucker. So here is my second election related offering called Vote with a Brick part 2. It is heavily edited (from 15 minutes down to 5) noise track which dates back to 2006. It is the second noise track I´ve ever made. Primitive stuff. Maybe I should make a habbit of doing election related noise tracks. Just give me a hint everytime there is a election day somewhere out there and I´ll make a new Vote with a Brick track.

Download it here.