torstaina, huhtikuuta 26, 2012

open call for remixing

I am planning a Salakapakka Sound System remix EP. I have already two lovely fellows who have agreed to do a remix/reworking of SSS material. If you feel like toying with SSS tracks, feel free to contact me. Any style or genre is accepted.

I´ve made lately some remixing/reworking myself. Latest remixes will hopefully materialize in one form or another in near future. One of the strangest remixes I made is available for streaming here. It is an experimental remix of Sarah Fimm´s song Everything becomes whole using only Sarah´s voice as a sound material. Don´t be fooled by the fact that it appears in a remix contest. I never believe it is going to win, I only made it because I felt like doing and trying something totally different compared to original track. What bugs me about majority of today´s remixes is that they tend to be unimaginative trance/dance/whatever remixes aimed mostly at dance floor audience. I am sick of hearing that bumping drum and bass wankery. Well, making a dance mix of some power electronics track might be quite ...challenging (not to mention how much would it piss noise fanatics and trance airheads off).

Bloody hell... this was a 100th post on this blog. Raise a glass of absinthe for me.

Gear-a-holic part 10

This is my new toy. I call it junknator 1. It is basically just a bunch of small iron and springs attached to each other and piece of wood. Contact and close micing + some delicate chosen effects give some nice sounds. I haven´t yet made any track by using it but sometime in future you will hear it in action. Maybe junknator 2 will materialize too.

And here is my latest purchase, Indian shruti box. I love the sound of Indian instruments but unfortunately it is nearly impossible to try and test them anywhere near where I live. I sold some records which I don´t listen anymore to finance this charming (but slightly dysfuncional) unit. Just can´t wait until I have enough spare time to toy with it.

sunnuntaina, huhtikuuta 01, 2012

stream Penetrating Angel

Now you can stream the unreleased album "Penetrating Angel" right here or at soundcloud.


Soundcloud seems like a nice place, so now I am officially part of it. Go check me at
There will be some tracks for streaming and/or downloading.