tiistaina, heinäkuuta 17, 2012

video stuff

SSS, Science in Sport and Tour de France stuffed together??? Oh yes.

If problems watching the video here, try going to YouTube.

sunnuntaina, heinäkuuta 15, 2012


So here it is... iDiot mini-album free for all:

Gear-a-holic part 11

I am not one of those who dwell upon flea markets and garage sales and find superb vintage instruments for ridiculous prices. I wish I was, and I wish I had a decent practise palce where I could store them. But sometimes a small detail amongst the huge piles of garbage catches my eye, just like today. My latest find is a very slightly dysfunctional childrens toy accordion. Quite nice sound with some resonating elements somewhere inside. Attach it to your favorite distortion-delay-reverb chain and BOOOM! you are ready to go.

Back from vacation

Been spending some vacation. Dropped in to a junk site which I´ve been recording in before. Ahh... all that beatiful dirty rusty garbage.