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Gear-a-holic part 6

Hello folks, this time I introduce you Weird Sound Generator. It is self soldered electronic gadget which makes bleeping, droning, buzzing and humming noises which you can control by turning and twisting it´s numerous knobs. "Controlling" is maybe a little too misleading word because as you can see from a picture, there is no indication of what these knobs actually do. They all have something to do with oscillators, wave forms, modulators etc. etc. Since I am not a electronics theory geek I leave explaining to others. But the fun thing is, that I have no idea what am I doing by twisting controls. Pretty much everything happens by accident and I love everything uncontrollable and accidental things when it comes to music making. The downside is that you rarely can remake/reproduce something funny you accidentally made by fiddling with controls without any further focus or plan. This is why you should always record every rehearsal. There may be some unforgettable sounds which you can use later.
I am totally illiterate when it comes to soldering and understanding the basic concepts of putting together electronic components so that is why I ordered WSG from Austrian Sascha Neudeck. He has mde noise makers and sound generators on irregularly basis... I think. According to his website, they are all sold out but if you really want one just ask him, that´s what I did and he kindly offered to make me one. Check out also his electronic/experimental music and the sound files of each gadget he made.

Here are two WSG test files I made. First one is edited from approximately eight minutes to 5½ minutes. Otherwise it is untouched. Second piece is driven through distortion, stereo chorus, delay and compression plus edited from about eleven minutes down to eight. Enjoy!

...did I hear someone shout: "what´s that bloody noise!?!?"...

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