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Added some links to WAV-files located at Internet Archive and added some embedded player codes, hope they work well.

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HOSPITAL TAPES - rough rehearsal tracks

Here are three rough rehearsal tracks which I made just before I got into hospital because of lung thrombosis. Hence the name "Hospital tracks". Bear in mind that these tracks were made in fast and furious fashion. Material was recorded on multi-track recorder then exported and mixed in real-time with as little computer interaction as possible. This was quite satisfactory working method for a change. Maybe those tracks will be remixed later for some proper release... or maybe not.
Get mp3 at mediafire here.
Wav, flac and ogg vorbis at Archive.

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Compilation track

 Hi folks. Salakapakka Sound System track Drifting (edit) appears on a new Lona Records web compilation "Tribute To Fm3: Buddha Machine 4 vol.2".
Tribute to Buddha Machine 4 (Volume 1 & 2) is a free digital album issued by Lona Records in September 2013 to celebrate the label's tenth anniversary. The collection has nearly 30 tracks, including artists from Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Finland, Urkaine, Argentina, China, Hong Kong, and etc. which can be download individually for free on Bandcamp.

Get vol.1 here and get vol.2 here

5 year anniversary!!!

Dear followers and accidental drop-ins, it has been five years since my first post. I wish I could celebrate it more fancier way but all I can offer now is a collection of compilation tracks and remixes I've made. Most of them have been linked in this site before but there are some tracks which are available for download for the first time. I'm not giving the track list (there is even one remix I am probably not supposed to upload myself), you have to download the whole package in order to find what's in there.
Looking back, I have to say I was positively surprised how much I still like my older tracks on this collection. Not much progress or evolution have happened... at least in visionary sense. I still stand behind every track I've made. 
If some of you want the whole mess as uncompressed wav, drop me your e-mail and I'll mail you a WeTransfer link.
320 kbps mp3 @ mediafire or uploaded

Lucky I got this far, I think I'll go to a local bar and take a few over priced imported beers...

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Review of Abandoned Factories Scream At Night

There's a review of "Abandoned Factories..." -tape in the latest #9 issue of Special Interests -zine. Here are a rough pics taken from it.

...ehem, thank you. Never mind the typo at the name of release.

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New compilation track

New track Ambushed on Spettro Records four volume compilation (SSS track on volume 3 Dehumanized). Get it here. You can also listen/download individual tracks or whole zipped package at Archive, vol 1 here and vol 2 here. I believe vol 4 is on it's way.
You can download Ambushed here but I strongly suggest you get all three volumes of noise and found internet sound insanity and take a good listen.

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some video stuff

Again some video stuff featuring SSS.

Mise En Abyme from Richard Coronel (Kuro) on Vimeo.
Strange stuff. Features Zenophobic.

beauty film avant-garde from Johannes Ginsberg on Vimeo.
Beatiful models and SSS track Zenophobic very tastefully mixed with Trans Atlantic Rage's No Math 3.

Basic Geometry by Stephen Scarlett.
Stunning visuals mixed with Emilian päänahka. One of my favorites.

1006 Broughton Place @ Five Coves Trace (Enhanced) from Halcomb Homes on Vimeo.
If you thought that using SSS music to sell lingerie was strange... this is even weirder: selling homes! At least I think that's what they are doing. Celebration of the moon mixed with some easy listening piano. There's something spooky about that house.

MANILISM REDUX - Teaser #2 from Richard Coronel (Kuro) on Vimeo.
Teaser for virtual multimedia installation Manilism Redux using L'internationale backing track.

review of Subconscious Rollercoaster

Here is a brand new review of Subconscious Rollercoaster. Same review also appears in new Kulttuurivihkot -magazine.

Been quiet lately. I've done only a few compilation tracks which hopefully will show up sometime later. There is actually an unreleased album (only lacking a cover art) which was supposed to be released but plans were changed so it stays unearthed so far. Maybe I'll release it as a pro-duplicated small edition cd-r or tape (meaning it will be sold through my web site and will not be available as free download).

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Here is a virtual mixtape I made by request from Jani, mastermind behind The Day Of The Antler.

sunnuntaina, huhtikuuta 21, 2013

new track

Salakapakka Sound System covers an old traditional song God be with you until we meet again. Underneath the layers of distortion and echo mess you can actually hear a hint of original melody.
It is here.

lauantaina, huhtikuuta 13, 2013

and some more video stuff

Now here is something you can almost call a music video in a sense that audio and video are actually synchronized and it uses a whole SSS track (in this case Time is running out).
Video is called La Cigarre and it was made by Sebastian Spohr. Thanks, Sebi!

La Cigarra from Sebastian Spohr on Vimeo.

sunnuntaina, huhtikuuta 07, 2013


New diy-tape, 120 minutes, two tracks. Downloads are tape rips, not original masters.

track 1 from mediafire
track 2 from mediafire

Free music archive.
Now available as WAV-files from Internet Archive.

lauantaina, maaliskuuta 23, 2013

more eye candy

Here is a trippy piece of avant-garde cinema by Justyna Sirecka called "Road to Nowhere". God's gift as musical background. I think the sound and visuals work well together in this one.

Road to nowhere from Justyna Sirecka on Vimeo.

There is also a full length movie "Decay", a zombie film made and set at the LHC, by physics PhD students. Three SSS tracks have been used in it. It is available for free online, under a Creative Commons license.
Trapped underground at the world's largest particle accelerator, a group of students make a deadly discovery.
Here is a trailer.

Go get it at Decay web site.

Here is more trippy video art accompanied by L'internationale backing track .

Motion Colour will be screened at ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN Film Festival this summer.

Back from Malaysia

Just back... with new sounds to mess with.

Few things that make my life whole lot better:

Something I brought back from Kuala Lumpur (gotta love that cheesy asian pop and easy listening)

Love the smell of durian, the king of fruits

Words of advice for young people

 Danger from above

Now there's a festival I'd love to participate

 Angry bird food

Holle Kitty.... WTF ... ??? Is that some kind of copyright issue or just plain fuck up?

Asians really know how to sell tobacco

See the box in the upper right corner? Makes me wanna sing: "b-i-n-g-o and bingo was his name"


Muslims love KISS (maybe it stands for Kings In Saddam's Service)

perjantaina, helmikuuta 22, 2013

a short taste of what's coming later

Leaving soon to Malaysia for two weeks. So it is material hunting season.

Along the months I've (very unfrequently) made some raw material for future releases and even couple complete tracks. Some thoughts about the future releases but better left unsaid until there is something decent finished. Lots of raw unfinished/unmixed/unedited tracks lying in my HD but it demands a lot of work to sort them out. BUT... here is a short teaser collected from sounds I've been working on. Get it and remember: I'm not out of business yet.

SSS teaser

lauantaina, helmikuuta 16, 2013

and some more video stuff

Untitled (Sound for Manilism) from Richard Coronel (Kuro) on Vimeo.
Presented as a looping sound art, the track features urban sounds from the streets of Manila: teens playing basketball, tricycles and jeepneys, women vendors, etc. Made using Adobe Audition v3.0.1, different effects were put in these various ambient Manila street sounds and mixed with part of the track "God's Gift" by Salakapakka Sound System to produce a hypnotic chaos.


Self Obscure from James Davis on Vimeo.
Digging deep through hypnosis to discover the elusive self – dreams and reality are one. Images and sounds from public domain footage, Prelinger Archives. Entry for the FMA Prelinger past becomes present contest.

Screened at Anthology Film Archives 2012.
Music: Salakapakka Sound System: Tebe Poyem

sunnuntaina, tammikuuta 27, 2013

Gear-a-holic part 12

Some stuff I have bought in a last half a year or so.

Latin percussion Multi Guiro
This is mainly for latin percussion use but amplifying the scraping sounds makes a hell-of-a-noise.


Korg Kaossilator 2
I updated my older Kaossilator for this new version. Some useful improvements like dual loop recording banks with cross-fade ability, memory card slot for saving loops and recording via internal or external mic (very useful feature). Even if you didn't like readymade synth sounds, it is still very useful and a nice little gadget to toy with.


Lite2Sound PX
This is funny little thing. A portable sensing device that extracts a sound from ambient light by responding to rapid but invisible changes in brightness. Check Eric Archer's web site for more info and sound bites.

some more video stuff

Justyna Sirecka 35 mm from Justyna Sirecka on Vimeo using Down in the dark... by SSS vs. TDOTA.

Pic du midi de Bigorre from Peyo84 on Vimeo using Äiti joku tuijottaa meitä metsästä.