lauantaina, heinäkuuta 16, 2011

a slight pause again

Leaving off for a holiday. After few weeks probably back with some fresh ideas and new sound material. From now on I´ll use megaupload and mediafire, rapidshare for as long as my account exists without paying anything extra. Three brand new kaamoshows @ my other blog.
I´ll leave you with a joke of a year.

keskiviikkona, heinäkuuta 06, 2011

Uploading compilations

Since it looks like most of the compilations I´ve been involved in have disappeared along with Because God Told Me -blog, I´ve decided to upload them myself. Click the titles to download them from mediafire.

VA - Because God Told Me To Do It - vol 1 Formulation (see the original post here)

VA - That´s Romance 1 (see original post here)

VA - Tribute to Ruth White (see original post here)