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Cambodian rock documentary

Anybody remember this post about a Kickstarter project about a Cambodian rock documentary "Don't Think I've Forgotten"? It is the other one of the two Kickstarter fund raising projects I've been involved with (the other one being the Sun Box project).
Now good news for all the Finnish readers: DTIF will be on the air next sunday on Yle Teema 21:00.

torstaina, lokakuuta 15, 2015


Another new tape!!! After a looong silence Salakapakka Sound System is back with two tapes and a free download! At recent posts I told you about the other tape release "Barbed Wire Boogie" and "60 Minutes" a free download-only collection of one-minute tracks.
This time I bring you a self-released very limited edition (25 copies) pro-duplicated (by Fairview Duplication) C30 tape "Atonality Appreciation Society". I think of it as sister release of "Barbed Wire Boogie" filled with noise, harsh drone & dark-n-dirty ambient. I am really pleased with both tapes. They faithfully capture the sound and style where Salakapakka Sound System has been going in a last three years.

Track list:
A1 Mellow trash bazooka (tribute to Gerogerigegege)
A2 Hornan tuutti
A3 Sacred tooth
B1 Man builds a house
B2 The end of the world

A1 uses Gerogerigegege's "Yellow Trash Bazooka" as a source material. A2 was done in probably a one sit-through session. A3 uses the sounds I recorded in the temple of sacred tooth in Sri Lanka. B1 is a finalized mix of a track featured in "Barbed...". The version here is a bit more polished, if you can call it that way. B2 is the oldest track in this tape. Sound material on it is mostly processed field recordings and a reverberated blowing in a metal tube.

Sold out from me. You can get this and few other SSS releases also from Freak Animal store.
Download version of this is now available at Bandcamp.

Here is a small sampler of this tape with a small sample of each song crossfading each other.
And by the way, there is also a 'backwards version' edition of this tape. It is home-dubbed on a basic consumer type cassette and it is limited to only two copies. Not for sale.

DIY is my way


New self-released tape "Barbed Wire Boogie" is out! 40 minute pro-duplicated (by BSM-studio) cassette of tracks made 2013-2015. This was originally intended to be released as a split cdr release with/by another artist but after about a year of waiting I grew tired of that laissez-faire attitude and decided to put it out myself with a few added tracks. Once again DIY proved to be THE most satisfying way, even though it means limited quantities (it's limited to only 50 copies) and much more limited exposure... you know, I'm not a 'networking' type of person.

Track list:
A1 Fetus
A2 Afraid of sunlight
A3 Man builds a house (pre-mix)
A4 Terror da mort
A5 In praise of Jean Tinguely
B1 Iceland
B2 If the world should end in fire and ice
B3 No input (radio friendly edit)
B4 Don't call me friend, we barely know each other

A1 is a disturbing song about a pregnancy gone wrong. A2 is something you could call apocalyptic ambient. Bit like Homeinen kuu on "Accident Worhip" CDr and The end of the world on the following tape, where is also a cleaner final version of A3 here - hence the pre-mix on a title. A4 is based on a sample of the great Coffin Joe. A5 is inspired by the exhibition of Jean Tinguely's works which I found quite inspiring. Here I use mostly the sounds which I recorded at the exhibition. B1 is based on a sung poem which I found accidentally somewhere. I have no idea what does it tell about but I found it quite fascinating. Just one of the examples where vocals is just another instrument, words lose meaning when you understand absolutely nothing of the language. I appreciate if there's someone who understands Icelandic and could tell me something about the poem. B2 is a sort-of-remix of a certain popular song. B3 is only using a feedback as a sound source. Original track is much more longer but in hope for a decent amount of radio play I decided to include here an edited friendly version, heh. B4 is something I made while I was kind of frustrated and annoyed about people using the word 'friend' in a very loose fashion. You know, Facebook 'friends' etc. - "Hey boss, I am your friend. A special price only for you." Yeah... fuck off... 'friend'!

If you feel like having one, I'd like to trade it with one of your/your bands/your labels release. If you really feel like bying one, it's 5€ + postage (contact me for total amount - payments only by paypal, or bank transfer inside Europe). But as I said... I prefer trades because I am always interested in new/old artists from around the globe as long it is noise, experimental, punk, harder side of metal etc.
You can get this and few other SSS releases also from Freak Animal store.

Here's what Stefan from Drone Records says about it:
"Finnish project with a powerful, crude release, where industrial drones & pulses are set against aggressive voice samples, baby screams, an Icelanding poem found somewhere, a shitty folksong, etc.. very varyfied and inspired stuff, this isn't the usual industrial noise!"

Here is a small sampler with all the tracks crossfading each other

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Nine years I've been collecting this and at last it is ready. 60 one-minute pieces which are more or less readymade sound experiments, mini songs or whatever I felt like doing at the time. They appear here in same order as they were made; the first one(s) made as early as 2006 and the last one made just prior to release date (by layering first 59 tracks together).
As you can imagine, there is a lot of variation throughout the release. Earliest ones being experiments of digital recording media and later ones being ad hoc bursts or skeletons of tracks later being released on some other form in other SSS releases. Maybe you can hear some evolution (or degeneration). In my ears it clearly shows my shift moving year-by-year towards noise.
Mastering such a variable tracks was a nightmare until I figured out to set the loudness levels by EBU standard automation and then boosting them up by 10dB so the listener should not turn the level knob every time the track changes. Therefore "60 Minutes" is not boosted up to -0 level overall. Quieter tracks (and some tracks with variable levels) peak up to zero but some static furious assaults do not peak anywhere near.

"Incredible. "Soundscape" is such an appropriate word for these tracks; I feel like every minute is a glance in a window in a surreal building I am compelled to run all throughout. I love it."

Download it and shuffle play it.
MP3 at Free Music Archive