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New releases crawling in from doors and windows. This time Salakapakka Sound System is proud to be included in brand new compilation CD "Solidarity" compiled by GX Jupitter-Larsen.

"A comp of different power electronics, noise and experimental renditions of old trade union, communist and anarcho-syndicalist anthems.
Featuring GX Jupitter-Larsen, Screwtape, Rafael Flores, Dave Phillips, Half an Abortion, Origami Southamerika, Ben Presto, amk, Rabbit, Club Moral and Salakapakka Sound System."

Get it for $12 (USA) or $14 (World) at Noisenomics ...and for a starter you gan get this.

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Anniversary celebration part 2 - DISCOGRAPHY

(UPDATED march 2017)

So here is the second part of blog´s 2-year anniversary. No new stuff this time but I decided to collect here Salakapakka Sound System (and side-projects) discography and links all in the same post for easy access.

Marko-V: ”Kahden kulttuurin ääniä”
Salakapakka Sound System: "Buddha machines on fire"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Ikuinen kaamos"
Marko & Myky: "Mekonium baby"
Salakapakka Sound System: "La musique concrète part 1"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Obama´s victory speech"
Salakapakka Sound System: "«Наши»"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Kallokontrolli"
Salakapakka Sound System: "War"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Different faces of Triple-S (collected works 2004-2010)"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Ikuinen kaamos" (official release)
Salakapakka Sound System: "Eyewitness protection program"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Drunk for three weeks" (FMA exclusive mini-album)
Salakapakka Sound System: "Penetrating angel"
Salakapakka Sound System: "iDiot"
Derek Piotr / Salakapakka Sound System: "Behaviour state"
Salakapakka Sound System: "La musique concrète part 2"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Buddha machines on fire vol.2"
Salakapakka Sound System vs. The Day Of The Antler: "s/t"
Salakapakka Sound System Re(dis)covered
Salakapakka Sound System: "Abandoned factories scream at night"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Accident worship" 
Salakapakka Sound System vs. The Day of The Antler: "II" 
Salakapakka Sound System: "60 Minutes"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Barbed wire boogie"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Atonality appreciation society"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Atonality appreciation society - backwards version"
Salakapakka Sound System / 886 VG: "Split"
Salakapakka Sound System / Sodadosa: "Split"
Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo: "Eurovision song contest 2016"
Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo: "Smut Babylon" 
Salakapakka Sound System / Armenia: "Split"
Itsensäsyöjät: "Elektrique"
Salakapakka Sound System: "Unlit corners of the universal emptiness" 

Appearances elsewhere:
VA: Because God told me to do it vol 1: Formulation
VA: That´s romance - A loving tribute to John Zewizs
SSS remix of Anti-Pop Consortium´s "Reflections"
VA: Tribute to Ruth White
VA: Internationale
VA: Solidarity
VA: Spettro rec (2010-2011?) 25 releases anniversary
VA: Soinoise vol.2: SIDS
Derek Piotr: "Agora regathered" (SSS remix of Behaviour state) - also on Spotify
VA: Soinoise vol.3: MEASLES
VA: Tribute To Fm3: Buddha Machine 4 vol.2
VA: Spettro Records volume 3: Dehumanized
Spurious Transients: "Portraits of a landscape" (SSS remix of Baglan bay)
VA: Poison vol.1
VA: Blight of the Beat
VA: Oral Compass 
There are also hidden treasures like extra tracks and rehearsal files scattered all over this blog but you have to try to find them on your own. Period.
Most releases you can find also at Internet archive & Free music archive. Check also my page at Soundcloud.
There is also a mixtape of SSS stuff.

Anniversary celebration part 1 - COMPILATION

Damn! It has been two years since I started my blog. This calls for celebration so here is the first ever Salakapakka Sound System collection called "Different Faces of Triple-S (collected works 2004-2010)". Originally I burned a few copies just for promotional purposes but then I thought why not make it available online because it might be a good starting point for people who are slightly interested in SSS sound but doesn´t know where to start. It is not a best of collection but rather a collection of different styles presented during the first seven years of SSS existence (oldest tracks are from 2004 even though they were available for public access at 2008). The catch for regular followers (are there any?) is that collection includes also never before heard tracks and compilation tracks.
Get it at Rapidshare (zipped mp3 package), Mediafire (zipped mp3 package), Archive (compressed or lossless separate files) or Free music archive (separate mp3´s).

1. Äiti, joku tuijottaa meitä metsästä [from Ikuinen Kaamos 3" CDr]
2. The death of Kelsang Namtso [from Kallokontrolli double-CDr]
3. Emilian päänahka (unreleased)
4. Hanged man (Ruth White cover) [from web compilation A Tribute to Ruth White]
5. Ruttopuiston kävelevä vainaja [from Kallokontrolli double-CDr]
6. One Minute 24 [from upcoming 60 Minutes CDr]
7. Street Buddha [from Buddha Machines On Fire CDr]
8. Tebe poyem [from La Musique Concréte part 1 CDr]
9. Celebration of the moon [from web compilation Because God Told Me To Do It vol 1: Formulation]
10. Music for headaches [home page exclusive download]
11. Hölle [from Ikuinen Kaamos 3" CDr]
12. L´internationale (backing track) (unreleased)
13. Noble art of white slavery 2 (unreleased)

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New full length web-only release out NOW! Five tracks of material which is a bit louder than previous offerings. These tracks were born out of frustration and anger.

1. Class war
2. Race war
3. Information war
4. Gang war
5. World war 3

Elements of destruction were: Doepfer dark energy monophonic synth, micro Korg, kaossilator, WSG, iron junk, databending, melting ice, radio noise and a bunch of other things I just cannot remember anymore.

Get it from:
mediafire (whole album zipped mp3)
free music archive (individual mp3-files) or full set here
wav available at Internet archive
internet archive (wav)

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Salakapakka Sound System is proud to be part of compilation tape Internationale compiled by GX Jupitter-Larsen. Here´s the description from noisenomics site:
"A cassette comp of different Power Electronic, Noise, and Experimental renditions of The Internationale.
Comp includes GX Jupitter-Larsen with Christian Von Sponheim, Lob ov Instagon, Matt Richards, Screwtape & Tom Bradley. Also featured are other renditions by Jari Eskelinen, Salakapakka Sound System, and Violent Pink.

The Internationale was written to celebrate the Paris Commune of March-May 1871. It was the first time workers took state power into their own hands. They established in the Commune a form of government more democratic than ever seen before. Representatives were mandated on policy questions by their electors, they were recallable at any time and were paid wages that reflected those of their constituents. The distinction between legislative and executive arms of government was abolished. The Commune was invaded and destroyed by the conservative French National government then based in Versailles. Since then, workers have adopted similar Commune-like organizations whenever they have challenged the state: in the form of the Soviets in Russia in 1917; the collectives in Spain in 1937; the Workers Council of Greater Budapest in Hungary in 1956; the cordones in Chile in 1973; and, in many respects, Solidarity in Poland in 1980. "

You can buy it here for only $5 so go get it.

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