lauantaina, kesäkuuta 16, 2012


Words cannot describe how happy I am I got this piece out before taking a vacation. A sequel to vol.1, there is nothing new; songs made about and inspired by FM3 Buddha Machine and a bunch of other Buddhist loop jukeboxes. It is getting late and I have nothing else to say...

1.entrance music
5.Buddha metal machine music
6.Buddha metal machine music 2
7.Buddhist on fire
8.exit music

Get it from mediafire (mp3 320kbps)
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Internet archive (mp3 + wav + flac)

torstaina, kesäkuuta 14, 2012


Finally "La Musique Concrète part 2" is finished. Part 1 was a theme album but this time I´ve given myself all the freedom to mess with pre-existing concrete sounds without limitations of a certain given theme. First track (and oldest, it dates back some years, might as well be one the earliest proper sound experiments I´ve made) Time is running out is made by recording stopwatch. Music for jogging... maybe? Next track Henki ei kulje 2 was made by using breath-ins and breath-outs of various radio announcers. Sounds like insects swarming in a cave. You can hear Henki ei kulje 1 at Part 1.
Some of long-time SSS-followers (are there any?) know about my fascination about Orthodox church music and Buddhist chanting. Monks, mantras and methamphetamine combines these two distant cultures together. At the end of the track you can hear approx. 40 layers of monk chanting which sounds very much like electronics.
Field recording from Thailand is just what the name suggests: unaltered recording from a balcony of our hotel room very early in the morning. Those insects can drive you crazy! It features another obsession of mine: Muslim chanting.
Descend into hell 3 is a continuation of parts 1 and 2 from "La Musique Concrète part 1" which used recordings of a construction yard right beside the house where I live. This is basically made by layering together and editing parts 1 and 2. Building site sounds continue to live on in a next track Men at work.
One time at work I amused myself by eavesdropping (and recording, of cource) a pre-press conference ambience from some local conference room where prime minister of Finland was just to give a briefing to media about some contemporary situation at hand. From approximately 20 minute sound file I separated few-second loops which work as a sound material for this one. It sounds like it is going nowhere but there are always loops interchanging and fading in/out.
Hotel balcony at night and Beach blanket bingo are tracks using sounds I recorded while spending holiday in Cabo Verde. Material for the first one was recorded at night from our hotel room balcony and it sounds like there were some bats flying around but no such luck, it is only some heavy sound processing. Watersports is made of underwater sounds recorded by hydrophone. Made me feel like being in some water filled cave.
Venezuela part 3 was made by layering insect sounds from Venezuela (not recorded by me). Sounds very electronic. Parts 1 and 2 were early versions and rehearsals of this particular theme and they have not been heard in public.

I tried and managed to resist the temptation of overcompressing and/or brick-walling these tracks. I am tired of today´s habit of overcompressing music. Power of music lies in dynamics, not in blasting sound pressure levels. Even if it means that you have to crank volume levels up a bit. Listen this with your headphones on.

The picture above is not the real record cover. It is only a digi file companion for downloads. Those of you who want physical CD-r copies will get them in unique trash or found material covers. The whole idea of concrete music is recycling of sounds so I am extending this idea for cover manufacturing. CD-r´s will be housed in whatever trash or treasures I can find.

01. Time is running out
02. Henki ei kulje 2
03. Monks, mantras and methamphetamine
04. Field recording from Thailand
05. Descend into hell 3
06. Men at work
07. 37_siis_27
08. Hotel balcony at night
09. Beach blanket bingo
10. Watersports
11. Venezuela part 3

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mediafire (mp3 320 kbps)
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tiistaina, kesäkuuta 05, 2012

Good news boppers

"La Musique Concrète part 2" is nearly there. Just lacking a final mastering and other boring stuff. And that´s not all - "Buddha Machines On Fire vol.2" is almost ready. I am still working on one track but after that it is ready to go. Remix EP "Salakapakka Sound System Re(dis)covered" is going to happen sometime in this summer. And another collaboration which I´ve enjoyed doing is going to happen, but more about that later.