tiistaina, toukokuuta 31, 2011

updates and stuff

A) I added my first offering "Kahden kulttuurin ääniä" available for download also at mediafire.
B) New Kaamoshow there --------------> ¤

torstaina, toukokuuta 19, 2011

not dead yet

Been quiet lately, but it doesn´t mean I´ve been just sitting home watching tv. Some new tracks are on their way, one of them is actually an instrumental doom metal piece which I am not quite sure what to do with it. A week ago I finally got my hands on my second-hand kantele (kind of Finnish zipher). First track made by that is already at the final mixing stage and you probably can hear it in a web compilation later this year at Soinoise blog.

Sadly it looks like dear Brad Miller decided to delete his awesome Because God Told Me To -blog and Kill Your Gods -site. Brad have been a great supporter for SSS and his blog was one of the very first blogs out there which I´ve been following regularly. Sad to see them go but he propably got his reasons for doing this and I respect it. Cheers for everything, Brad, if you´re reading this. Those sites gone missing means also that some links to SSS material no longer exist. This means that I have to re-up them and it takes some time.
UPDATE: Dear Jesus, I accidentally found out that he has resurrected his blog at different address @ here.