perjantaina, helmikuuta 17, 2012

update & video stuff

Just back from Thailand just to notice that one of my external hard drives malfunctioned badly and finally died away. That means a lot of my sound material (field recordings, random effect sounds, samples etc.) has gone for good. Maybe from now on I´ll learn to back up important stuff more frequently. That means two things: A) "La Musique Concréte part 2" will be delayed & B) "Buddha Machines On Fire part 2" will be delayed. Maybe there is a good side in all of this: I´ll renew my whole computer system and get rid of lot of junk and start making music from an 'empty table'.

There is impressing experimental short film I Wake at You Tube which uses SSS´s First week as a background music. I´m glad they used my music for that. Watch it.