keskiviikkona, maaliskuuta 11, 2020

New compilation track

Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo is included in the new Finnish noise compilation CD Terässinfonia (released by Freak Animal). I have few extra copies for sale for 12€ and you find more copies and vol.2 from NHFA store.

DOLBY HOLOCAUST compilation tape

Here is a new Siunattu Hiljaisuudessa prod. C70 compilation tape called Dolby Holocaust. Along with me (Hazarda Bruo Sonsistemo) there's Synagogue Des Pervers, Defektro, K2 & The Haters.
Limited edition 52 copies (even though it says 50 on the sleeve). 8€ + shipping. Decent trades accepted but not home dubbed xerox tapes this time. Thank You for your interest.