keskiviikkona, syyskuuta 30, 2009

good news

I am going to Crete for a week to spend some holiday (again) and gather some sound material for future projects. When I come back it won´t be long until "Kallokontrolli" will be finished. It is going to be a double-cdr housed in sandpaper covers. Nearly half of the tracks have already been mastered and mixed. Groovy, baby.

lauantaina, syyskuuta 05, 2009


Oh crap. Influenza caught me, H1N1 or some other seasonal flu... it doesn´t matter. Spending five days quarantined (in my own room luckily) and separated from family and the rest of the outside world sounds like funny experiment but I got tired of it after five hours, so it is going to be long wait.
To celebrate the flu, here is a track called Music for Headaches. It originates from the same session as Piper of the Wasteland presented originally here.