torstaina, huhtikuuta 26, 2012

open call for remixing

I am planning a Salakapakka Sound System remix EP. I have already two lovely fellows who have agreed to do a remix/reworking of SSS material. If you feel like toying with SSS tracks, feel free to contact me. Any style or genre is accepted.

I´ve made lately some remixing/reworking myself. Latest remixes will hopefully materialize in one form or another in near future. One of the strangest remixes I made is available for streaming here. It is an experimental remix of Sarah Fimm´s song Everything becomes whole using only Sarah´s voice as a sound material. Don´t be fooled by the fact that it appears in a remix contest. I never believe it is going to win, I only made it because I felt like doing and trying something totally different compared to original track. What bugs me about majority of today´s remixes is that they tend to be unimaginative trance/dance/whatever remixes aimed mostly at dance floor audience. I am sick of hearing that bumping drum and bass wankery. Well, making a dance mix of some power electronics track might be quite ...challenging (not to mention how much would it piss noise fanatics and trance airheads off).

Bloody hell... this was a 100th post on this blog. Raise a glass of absinthe for me.

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Gavin Lloyd Wilson kirjoitti...

If the offer is still open, I'd be up for remixing something from the SSS archives.