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Here it is! SSS remix album. Mixes have been made by yours truly and a couple of outside helping hands and ears.

1. Monks & mantras [Derek Piotr remix] --- This track was originally Monks, mantras & methamphetamine from "La Musique Concrète part 2". Original was very much vocal oriented affair so that´s why Derek was a perfect choice for remixing this. Being the shortest track it works as a intro for the whole package.

2. Musta huone [Spurious Transients dub] --- Original track is on "iDiot" EP. Gavin from Spurious Transients was kind enough to offer total of three remixes for this record. Actually four... one mix that did not fit in you can hear at Spurious Transients´ Soundcloud page.  Original track must be one of the most 'musical' pieces of SSS discography and this mix changes it a bit without losing it´s musical qualities, unlike...

3. Musta huone [musta mix] --- It was funny to notice how outside mixers did not feel like destroying original tracks totally. So I had to do it. This time I turned Musta huone into atonal black ambient mess.

4. Reinin kultakannel [TDoTA mix] --- This track appears in it´s original form (and name untitled piece for kantele#1) at compilation "Soinoise vol.2: SIDS". The Day of The Antler made a remix that sounds different (but not too much) compared to original which was mostly improvised piece.

5. Guitar piece #1 [The Post Riot Era remix] --- Original piece was also improvised stuff which appeared in "Kallokontrolli" album. Dean from TPRE added more aggressive ambient feel to the mix. Now it sounds more powerful than the original.

6. Rakkauskirje oikeistopopulisteille [Spurious Transients bossa nova mix] --- This remix makes me smile every time. A twisted bossa nova rhythm added to track that was originally in "iDiot". This one stands out!

7. Time is running out [chinese water torture mix] --- Original piece from "La Musique Concrète part 2" turned once again into a mess by myself. You cannot call the original very 'musical' but this mix pushes it even further into atonality.

8. Time is running out [Spurious Transients mix] --- Alternate vision, not so annoying as the previous torture mix.

9. Pawel wins nobel prize for slavery [uneasy listening version] --- Original track released as business card CDr limited edition of 2 as a gift to Pawel who runs Soinoise blog. Droning synth and frentic drumming. Added a great amount of distortion thus making it less pleasant listening experience.

Get it 320 kbps mp3 from mediafire
Or from Free Music Archive (here a download link for full album in mp3)
Uncompressed wav at Internet archive.

Note: physical copies are unique packages: CDr´s attached to some cheap shit 7" vinyls.

Please, check out remixer´s websites:
Spurious Transients
The Post Riot Era
Derek Piotr
The Day of The Antler @ Discogs

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