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I was committed to making "Mekonium Baby" so hard that I almost forgot I had this in progress as well. As you can guess from it´s name, "La Musique Concrète part 1" is concrete music using only field recordings and pre-existing sounds as material. Even though this is part 1, this ain´t my first exploration into concrete music. Lot of people who downloaded previous Salakapakka Sound System items seem to have missed my very first post "Kahden Kulttuurin Ääniä".

For now "La Musique Concrète part 1" is available for download at excellent Because God Told Me To Do It blog and Kill Your Godz site. Uncompressed formats available later at Internet Archive. Go to those sites to enjoy "La Musique 1"; shitload of strange sounds mixed with ambient noise, church acoustics, construction site noises, religious chants etc.

1. God´s gift [4.37]
2. Tebe poyem [4.35]
3. The end of christianity... as we know it [5.57]
4. Henki ei kulje [6.02]
5. Descend into hell 1 [7.44]
6. Descend into hell 2 [30.00]

UPDATE: now available uncompressed here.
Or get whole mp3 set here.

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Nimetön kirjoitti...

Your release has downloaded a SHITLOAD!!! good job Marko! Your right up there with the TG releases. I hope people buy the work as well... your packaging is always beautiful.

Marko-V kirjoitti...

Wow. Thanks to You. Selling my stuff is a little bit annoyance to me because it demands a lot of handwork but if someone really wants it as a physical copy, that´s OK. It is all about music, not profit.

Nimetön kirjoitti...

I cherish my copies of your work. No kidding. Truth be told, this release is my favorite. It's beautiful and haunting. Here's my review.

It's just really well done.