lauantaina, syyskuuta 27, 2008

Having fun with toy synth

I am a proud father of little girl who was born in february 2008. I just found her a kids toy synthesizer at a local flea market for 5 euros. Now it seems that I am the one who enjoys playing it more. It has these ridiculous cheap unrealistic sounds like piano, guitar, banjo (my favorite), flute etc. There´s also buttons for funny little sounds like frog, dog, bird... But hey, that´s not all. There is also a set of pre-programmed rhythms like rock, slow rock, waltz, tango etc. which you can slow down or speed up. The best of these pre-set rhythms is called 16 bit which is a killer low fidelity-trash-dirrrttty electro beat! (loop sample here) Drive it through distortion effect at 110% volume and you got a nice punky disco beat.

I´ll probably use this marvellous little toy somehow in my future projects, unless it breaks down before that. My daughter´s playing style is more punk than mine, meaning she likes to beat it real hard.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I saw this for sale down here, in Brazil. I found it quite interesting. Being myself a hobbyst musician, I fell in love with that. Would buy for my children (if I had any, that is).

Marko-V kirjoitti...

My daughter´s playing style was a bit more Keith Moon than Jean Michel Jarre... so it broke down. We have a new one.