lauantaina, syyskuuta 21, 2013

5 year anniversary!!!

Dear followers and accidental drop-ins, it has been five years since my first post. I wish I could celebrate it more fancier way but all I can offer now is a collection of compilation tracks and remixes I've made. Most of them have been linked in this site before but there are some tracks which are available for download for the first time. I'm not giving the track list (there is even one remix I am probably not supposed to upload myself), you have to download the whole package in order to find what's in there.
Looking back, I have to say I was positively surprised how much I still like my older tracks on this collection. Not much progress or evolution have happened... at least in visionary sense. I still stand behind every track I've made. 
If some of you want the whole mess as uncompressed wav, drop me your e-mail and I'll mail you a WeTransfer link.
320 kbps mp3 @ mediafire or uploaded

Lucky I got this far, I think I'll go to a local bar and take a few over priced imported beers...

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