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First post is a work I made in 2006-2007 while studying sound engineering and sound design. It is a musique concrete album composed of field recordings I made in Japan and Finland. No “real instruments” or ready made sound effects used. Some of the sounds have been heavily processed and some are unaffected.

Track 1 Konkuriito janguru (concrete jungle) uses Japanese urban sounds (human sounds, game halls, announcements etc.) and track 2 Oikorata (short cut railway) uses Finnish urban sounds (amusement park voises, trains, breaking glass, construction site noises etc.). Track 3 Shizen no uta (song of nature) uses Japanese natural sounds such as cascades and crickets. Nuuksio-Aapajärvi makes a heavy use of Finnish natural sounds like birds, dogs, fire, squeaky wood and so on. Track 5 Inoru (pray) includes Japanese religious sounds (Buddhist monks praying, temple bells). Track 6 Jumalan kämmenellä (in the hand of god) uses finnish religious sounds such as Evangelical-Lutheran and Orthodox masses, pagan ritual sounds and church organs.
Tracks 7-10 are extra tracks that were not included in the original CD. They are demo versions of Inoru showcasing slightly different approaches/mixes/sounds of the same theme.

"Kahden kulttuurin ääniä” (sounds of two cultures) CD was originally made in 5.0 DTS surround sound and stereo mix was just an extra version that was not supposed to materialize in a first place. Because I haven´t got the chance to listen to DTS sound at home I decided to make a stereo version which I could play at home. Unfortunately mixing down to stereo had to be done quick (and I was then tired of the whole project), therefore I´m not completely satisfied with it. But after all it is not commercial release so why bother whining about it.

Download MarkoV: ”Kahden kulttuurin ääniä” (bonus version) at mediafire.

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