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New self-released tape "Barbed Wire Boogie" is out! 40 minute pro-duplicated (by BSM-studio) cassette of tracks made 2013-2015. This was originally intended to be released as a split cdr release with/by another artist but after about a year of waiting I grew tired of that laissez-faire attitude and decided to put it out myself with a few added tracks. Once again DIY proved to be THE most satisfying way, even though it means limited quantities (it's limited to only 50 copies) and much more limited exposure... you know, I'm not a 'networking' type of person.

Track list:
A1 Fetus
A2 Afraid of sunlight
A3 Man builds a house (pre-mix)
A4 Terror da mort
A5 In praise of Jean Tinguely
B1 Iceland
B2 If the world should end in fire and ice
B3 No input (radio friendly edit)
B4 Don't call me friend, we barely know each other

A1 is a disturbing song about a pregnancy gone wrong. A2 is something you could call apocalyptic ambient. Bit like Homeinen kuu on "Accident Worhip" CDr and The end of the world on the following tape, where is also a cleaner final version of A3 here - hence the pre-mix on a title. A4 is based on a sample of the great Coffin Joe. A5 is inspired by the exhibition of Jean Tinguely's works which I found quite inspiring. Here I use mostly the sounds which I recorded at the exhibition. B1 is based on a sung poem which I found accidentally somewhere. I have no idea what does it tell about but I found it quite fascinating. Just one of the examples where vocals is just another instrument, words lose meaning when you understand absolutely nothing of the language. I appreciate if there's someone who understands Icelandic and could tell me something about the poem. B2 is a sort-of-remix of a certain popular song. B3 is only using a feedback as a sound source. Original track is much more longer but in hope for a decent amount of radio play I decided to include here an edited friendly version, heh. B4 is something I made while I was kind of frustrated and annoyed about people using the word 'friend' in a very loose fashion. You know, Facebook 'friends' etc. - "Hey boss, I am your friend. A special price only for you." Yeah... fuck off... 'friend'!

If you feel like having one, I'd like to trade it with one of your/your bands/your labels release. If you really feel like bying one, it's 5€ + postage (contact me for total amount - payments only by paypal, or bank transfer inside Europe). But as I said... I prefer trades because I am always interested in new/old artists from around the globe as long it is noise, experimental, punk, harder side of metal etc.
You can get this and few other SSS releases also from Freak Animal store.

Here's what Stefan from Drone Records says about it:
"Finnish project with a powerful, crude release, where industrial drones & pulses are set against aggressive voice samples, baby screams, an Icelanding poem found somewhere, a shitty folksong, etc.. very varyfied and inspired stuff, this isn't the usual industrial noise!"

Here is a small sampler with all the tracks crossfading each other

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