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Another new tape!!! After a looong silence Salakapakka Sound System is back with two tapes and a free download! At recent posts I told you about the other tape release "Barbed Wire Boogie" and "60 Minutes" a free download-only collection of one-minute tracks.
This time I bring you a self-released very limited edition (25 copies) pro-duplicated (by Fairview Duplication) C30 tape "Atonality Appreciation Society". I think of it as sister release of "Barbed Wire Boogie" filled with noise, harsh drone & dark-n-dirty ambient. I am really pleased with both tapes. They faithfully capture the sound and style where Salakapakka Sound System has been going in a last three years.

Track list:
A1 Mellow trash bazooka (tribute to Gerogerigegege)
A2 Hornan tuutti
A3 Sacred tooth
B1 Man builds a house
B2 The end of the world

A1 uses Gerogerigegege's "Yellow Trash Bazooka" as a source material. A2 was done in probably a one sit-through session. A3 uses the sounds I recorded in the temple of sacred tooth in Sri Lanka. B1 is a finalized mix of a track featured in "Barbed...". The version here is a bit more polished, if you can call it that way. B2 is the oldest track in this tape. Sound material on it is mostly processed field recordings and a reverberated blowing in a metal tube.

Sold out from me. You can get this and few other SSS releases also from Freak Animal store.
Download version of this is now available at Bandcamp.

Here is a small sampler of this tape with a small sample of each song crossfading each other.
And by the way, there is also a 'backwards version' edition of this tape. It is home-dubbed on a basic consumer type cassette and it is limited to only two copies. Not for sale.

DIY is my way

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