torstaina, heinäkuuta 10, 2014


First a long silence and then suddenly three posts in one day.
I've done a remix for Spurious Transients but I don't really know where and when will that come up. Gavin from ST had some plans but unfortunately there was some issues with the record company.
Some tracks have been sent back and forth with The Day of The Antler and maybe one of these days a sequel to SSS/TDOTA collaboration will see a day.

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G L Wilson kirjoitti...

Hi Marko,

What happened with the record company was that they really didn't know how to market "avant garde" music, and they were making ridiculous suggestions like getting heavy metal style artwork for the cover, and issuing the album as a single-sided LP with an engraving on the flip side. Never mind that would cut my album in half and effectively turn it into an EP. They were more interested in a "cool" engraving than the music.

We decided to agree to disagree and go our separate ways.

I still intend to release the album, but will be doing this myself rather than going through a 3rd party record company.

At the moment I am pretty busy with various gigs (I'm going to be twanging the bass again with Welsh psychedelic space rockers Sendelica, so that will be fun) but will endeavour to return my attentions to Spurious Transients again in the near future.

Meanwhile, have you seen this:

I have no idea what the title means, however, the music is highly familiar...