lauantaina, elokuuta 03, 2013

some video stuff

Again some video stuff featuring SSS.

Mise En Abyme from Richard Coronel (Kuro) on Vimeo.
Strange stuff. Features Zenophobic.

beauty film avant-garde from Johannes Ginsberg on Vimeo.
Beatiful models and SSS track Zenophobic very tastefully mixed with Trans Atlantic Rage's No Math 3.

Basic Geometry by Stephen Scarlett.
Stunning visuals mixed with Emilian päänahka. One of my favorites.

1006 Broughton Place @ Five Coves Trace (Enhanced) from Halcomb Homes on Vimeo.
If you thought that using SSS music to sell lingerie was strange... this is even weirder: selling homes! At least I think that's what they are doing. Celebration of the moon mixed with some easy listening piano. There's something spooky about that house.

MANILISM REDUX - Teaser #2 from Richard Coronel (Kuro) on Vimeo.
Teaser for virtual multimedia installation Manilism Redux using L'internationale backing track.

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