lauantaina, maaliskuuta 23, 2013

more eye candy

Here is a trippy piece of avant-garde cinema by Justyna Sirecka called "Road to Nowhere". God's gift as musical background. I think the sound and visuals work well together in this one.

Road to nowhere from Justyna Sirecka on Vimeo.

There is also a full length movie "Decay", a zombie film made and set at the LHC, by physics PhD students. Three SSS tracks have been used in it. It is available for free online, under a Creative Commons license.
Trapped underground at the world's largest particle accelerator, a group of students make a deadly discovery.
Here is a trailer.

Go get it at Decay web site.

Here is more trippy video art accompanied by L'internationale backing track .

Motion Colour will be screened at ANOTHER EXPERIMENT by WOMEN Film Festival this summer.

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