lauantaina, helmikuuta 16, 2013

and some more video stuff

Untitled (Sound for Manilism) from Richard Coronel (Kuro) on Vimeo.
Presented as a looping sound art, the track features urban sounds from the streets of Manila: teens playing basketball, tricycles and jeepneys, women vendors, etc. Made using Adobe Audition v3.0.1, different effects were put in these various ambient Manila street sounds and mixed with part of the track "God's Gift" by Salakapakka Sound System to produce a hypnotic chaos.


Self Obscure from James Davis on Vimeo.
Digging deep through hypnosis to discover the elusive self – dreams and reality are one. Images and sounds from public domain footage, Prelinger Archives. Entry for the FMA Prelinger past becomes present contest.

Screened at Anthology Film Archives 2012.
Music: Salakapakka Sound System: Tebe Poyem

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