tiistaina, lokakuuta 04, 2011

New stuff

There has been a number of times when someone asks about or suggests that I should find a "proper" label for releasing my stuff. Now there are two brand new releases ready to go and I am (quite inactively though) searching for labels which might find them interesting enough for a "proper" release.
First one is a full length called "Penetrating angel". It is kind of mixed noise and dark ambient stuff. Four tracks lasting nearly an hour. Second one is a 3" cd called "iDiot" and it is mostly 'rhythmic dark dance music with experimental edge'. This doesn´t mean that I quit releasing stuff for free... far from that.
All interested parties just take contact. Otherwise I end up selling only physical copies of them at my site. Until then you have to deal only with cover pictures. Believe me, they are probably the best stuff I´ve done so far.

UPDATE july 2012: Oh fuck 'em, get/listen Penetrating Angel or iDiot.

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