tiistaina, maaliskuuta 29, 2011

Gear-a-holic part 9

Once in a while someone asks me what equipment/instruments I use. Because I am a gear-a-holic here is my list of electronic and acoustic instruments, software and hardware, effect pedals and recorders, every "element of destruction and confusion". (updated oct 2014)

Fostex Mr16 digital multitracker, Olympus LS-5, LS-3 & Edirol R-09 portable digital recorders, Reaper digital audio workstation, Pro Tools LE 7 (R.I.P. since it started to conflict with my Windows and refuses to start -> shifted back to LE 6.8), Audacity audio editor, Amplitube 3 guitar amp-/effect modeling software, Photosounder software, Fruity Loops sequencer software, Reason audio workstation, Micro Korg synth/vocoder, Korg monotron analogue ribbon synth, Alesis SR-16 drum machine, Electro Harmonix 8-way step sequencer, Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar pedal, Olegtron*4060 oscillator/divider box, Doepfer Dark Energy monophonic analogue synth, Doepfer Dark Time sequencer, Weird Sound Generator analogue synth, Jomox T-resonator time woven filtermatrix, XmatriX passive matrix mixer, Light2Sound PX, Roland SP-404 sampler/effect unit, Soundcraft Notepad 102 mixer, Line 6 echo park digital delay pedal, Line 6 verbzilla digital reverb pedal, Line 6 Dr. Distorto distortion/feedback pedal, Rocktron Heart Attack dynamic filter pedal, Biyang Metal Head distortion pedal, Boss ME-50 guitar multiple effects pedal, Boss loop station RC-2 looping pedal, Steim crackle box, Meinl helix bowl, Korg Kaossilator 2, E-bow, jew harp, kora, Hohner melodica, xylophone, stylophone, triangel, two different kalimbas, Latin percussion multi guiro, Indian shruti box, children's toy accordion, small African djembe, kids´toy drum, small shaman drum, acoustic, electric, bass & baritone guitars, Moog etherwave theremin, small kids´ kantele & large broken 32-string kantele, maracas, Soundman OK II binaural mics + few other dyn, piezo & con mics, two small guitar amps and unassorted metal and plastic junk & kids´toy instruments.

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