lauantaina, toukokuuta 09, 2009

A little foretaste from the upcoming Kallokontrolli album

Cheers to You all.
I´ve been active lately. "Kallokontrolli" full length album is on it´s way. Half of the songs are ready. I was going to make a full noise album but.... as always it turned out to be something more variable. There will be noisy ambient, aggro noise, a little bit of PE, a little bit of digital mess, guitar wankery etc. etc.
Now I´m offering You a little preview track called Ins'allah, which was supposed to be posted originally here. It is made by Meinl helix bowl, some heavy editing and a sample of muslim prayer (I guess).
In future Salakapakka Sound System will also be part of web compilation called "That´s Romance; A Tribute to Sleepchamber". SSS does a cover os Sleepchamber´s track Courtfield Road. Original tune can be found here.

Slowly but surely I´m working on "La Musique Concréte part 2". So far only one track is made called Monks, mantras and metamphetamine.

Download Ins'allah here.

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