perjantaina, joulukuuta 05, 2008

Upcoming stuff

Long time and not much to post here. I´ve been busy spending quality time with family and doing this and that etc.

I have been working on various musical ideas simultaneously. Upcoming releases include the following:

1. Marko & Myky: "Mekonium Baby"
2. "Kallokontrolli" (noise)
3. So far untitled series of musique concrete -cd´s. Recently I´ve been working on a half-hour lasting concrete ambient track Descend into Hell.
4. "60 Minutes", collection of sound sketches and minisongs each lasting one minute.
5. There exists also various tracks which do not fit into any of above mentioned releases. They will be collected on cd´s sometime in future (or they will be posted here separately in time).

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